What NEW thing do YOU want to see added to Secret World Legends?


Dresden <3 hooray for magical hockey sticks… but really glad this isnt canon in the books.


I’d love more story steps that take into account your storyline decisions, and also some more types of wings! As a healer I’d love some non damage wings (since mine dont do much), and adding them in might also make “which wrist signet do you want” more of a question.


Chickens. In the Morninglight Compound. Or somewhere else where they would fit in. And you can chase them and throw them. Make a mini game out of the chickens. Make sure they are in their coop before dawn.


I would request that the crafting requirement for “Time to Every Purpose” and “Appeasing the Flame” be removed since they are bugged. I feel replacing it with just clicking on the items to combine them, just like some of the other requirements from other mission content would alleviate the issues.


Skills for weapons.
PVP zones(CTF,DM,etc.).
Points from seasonal achievment.
“Acces to cabal bank” from patron
Nice to see(imo):
We can get all achievments, clothes from earlier season event, on new season. for example in 2018 halloween event we will can get all clothes and achievments which was in 2017


I would like to see some new form of scaling, solo content.

The biggest issue with the current scaling, solo content, scenarios, is its time constraints. A scenario requires around 15 minutes of undivided attention; for many solo players, one of the reasons why they play solo is because they can’t commit to a block of uninterrupted time. There is no way to speed-run lower-tier scenarios, nor are there any checkpoints midway to stop at and still have some partial reward for the run.

I would also like to see other ways of selecting difficulty than simple tiers with increased enemy health and damage, such as allowing the player to apply one or more “nightmare mods” which increase rewards, with effects such as increasing only enemy damage (to favour tank builds) or only enemy health (to favour DPS builds), or more-interesting effects such as “Enemies drop filth pools upon death”.

While these changes could be applied to scenarios, I would like to see scenarios kept as the intended means of glyph progression, with a newly-designed activity providing different rewards, perhaps acting as the solo substitute for dungeons (e.g.: a boss arena).


How about a “Gift of Gaia” (name stolen from the ‘Gift of the Valar’ in Lotro, an item that can be bought in the game store that pushes your character instantly to near max level) that allows players like me, who’ve been through the entire storyline in TSW (more than once…) and feel tired about having to do it again, to jump to the new parts of the game…

Maybe make restrictions about level or gear, as long as it just allows to jump the storyline that was in TSW, with the option of doing it later. Just check the box or whatever in the server side character profile that says ‘can do new content’, if that’s technically possible.

  1. the missing dungeons on elite (FAC, HF, SH, MFA, MFB, PH)
  2. the missing raids (Flappy, Eidolon)
  3. meet up from cabal list
  4. right click raid invite (fix)


There’s chickens in Transylvania, I always coo over them when I see them, bc I am weird. At one of the farms, I wanna say. Sadly you can’t pick them up, though. :frowning:


Ok, I know we’re supposed to only pick one thing but can I say it’s a shame I don’t have an emote to pet brave dogs (and other animals) like Jac? Bc that really is a travesty. :slight_smile:


Somehow I think we have a former Fable player on our hands…


Hi there, just my 2 cents:
As MAAAAANY people have mentioned, all the old school content missing from TSW would be immensely amazing to have in SWL (missing dungeons, raids, PVP areas specailly Fusang, etc). Also, some kind of crafting skills would be very good too (photography, botany, occultism, etc).
Last but certainly not least, this game could really really take advantage of player housing and/or player dimensions (WildStar and Rift come to mind, like someone else said before in this thread, 2 games whose housing community have made it an art style addiction).

Thank you


This…I need an incentive to get better gear


Kind of thinking maybe some form of quick time events that happen every few in-game hours: killing, collection, etc that aren’t mission based.

Sort of like the “side mission - kill x amount of mobs” but not bound to the mission timer cooldown (of whatever it is for patron/nonpatron - standard 8/68 hour?)


Hilarious I’ve never played it. More referring to Zelda stuff. :wink:


Emojis in chat. :v:

  • Updated graphics engine (the existing one is too dated and ugly) - Even adding things like options to enabled/disalbe things like bloom, depth of field, Vsync, and remove the “haze” that covers the entire screen at all times.


As someone who purchased a Grand Master account, who left The Secret World for a long time, feeling upset over the slow pace of the game’s development over the past few years leading to the re-release, what I would like to see is a clearer direction for the game’s growth. I was so happy to see an update release map for SWL, and I hope the trend continues. Long, have I felt, as do many of the former fans that I have spoken with, that we’ve received very vague information purely because of the nature of the game’s atmosphere, as well as complications that have occurred over the game’s development. And that simply won’t do. We want to know the game will continue to update; plain and simple. I think I would like this in the form of a more visible “Letter from the Producer”.

Also, AEGIS drove plenty of people away. Food for thought.


More PVE content (old dungeons, old raids, old quests that are missing, new dungeons and raids), give more interest in farming lairs (it is supposed to be endgame content, you have no interest in doing it if you’re above e7 (not enougth xp).

More PVP content (fusang, stonehedge…)

balanced weapons (it’s crazy the difference between each ones)

make the healer needed, I’m tired of these sustains tanks

make more synergies between players (guys carrying buffs for others and things like that)

repair this sick aggro system (dps are doing so much dmg that some tanks cant handle the aggro)

bring new skills and weapons…

would love to see it looks more like the old game with heavy theory craft and stuff like that but I think this is only a dream…


Just tossing in another nod towards Tokyo Dungeons and the other missing Elite Dungeons. Expanding the available elites (with such comparably low work compared to making new dungeons) would be a MAJOR boost to replayability in game.