What QoL improvement would you like to see?


I already play the content I want to play, the outcome of the current system was “my gear is just imbalanced”, I have max mythic glyphs and max legendary signets due to playing regionals periodically (I’d say I do 3-4 lairs a week and then 13x multiply the regional summons that drop) and scenarios almost never (I ran the E10s once each to unlock achievements).

Of course I agree with @Szalord that it’d be nice if dungeons had proportionate loot for the time input they have… particularly the imbalance from boss 1 to boss 5 (identical loot, 5x as much hp) is not a good way to incentivize doing proper dungeon runs. Curving it like tsw (1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 6 BB per boss iirc in Pol) brings that back within reason but would almost require an overhaul of how distillates work to make them more like BBs.


Yeah it’s like forcing people to play ALL the content even if they dislike it is healthy design practices… I didn’t ever do any lairs in TSW besides achievements because of how the rewards worked and how uninteresting they were. I still had full purple signets just fine, we had other ways to get / buy signets from AH. I don’t want to be forced to play badly designed content (scenarios) in SWL either just to progress my character (especially when it is some ultra boring solo content, gosh i’d just play a solo game instead, a properly made one…), and lots of people just hate scenarios as well. If one wants to argue about every content equally played, Funcom first need to make the said content actually fun, with potential challenges and rewards based on that. The Occult Defense scenarios look like already some form of potential challenge, let’s hope rewards will meet the difficulty.