What running an AirBnB business has taught me about consumers & feedback. (How it's like to be Funcom)

Where do you make the connection between ranting and asking a question? Maybe you live in Nord Korea but in the civilized world we are allowed to ask though questions without being removed or escorted out…


Where is my magic? where is my mounts? where are my thralls that open gates for me where is the ‘living and breathing dinamic ai’?
Moderator edit: Watch the language. Also, things can change between pre-launch and launch.

Depending on how you phrase your question in the civilized world.

Ok… Can you rephrase the questions being asked in a way that would be suitable for the civilized world? Cause I don’t see any issue with the question tbh.

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There is the dimension of time, where Boilers and Flats have been around far longer than Funcom and CE.
I’d hope boilers work as intended after a history of 70 years aprox.

And i wasn’t making comparisons on a technical level. I was making comparisons at a social level.

The reaction consumers had to my machine failing was the exact same to the reaction people have to Conan Exiles not working like a 5 year old game would.

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Resisting… Urge to… Salt mine… People honestly think…they were robbed of time and virtual goods… By a video game. Ha ha ha ha ha. Expect it to be worked on like an enterprise level software solution… Oh the feelz.


Check this out.

People are so consistent in their behavior, I predicted this 3 weeks ago:

I’m not here to derail your thread, but if I may offer a bit of insight I’d like to say that in the PS4 sphere, PVP is considered the One True Path in many games. So the one that directly precedes this one for me is GTAV, where the whole idea is “sorry bro, Bounty” after you got asploded for no reason at all. Furthermore I played in the free-aim group for every recent game. When I came to PC, it was for Conan Exiles, and I had no preconceptions about PVP other than my Age of Kings and DOOM, both of which seem to go on forever.

I like to listen to a game and see what the developers intended. To me, Survive seemed to be the strongest, most important portion of Conan Exiles. Therefore, I wanted the best, most difficult way to Survive. That’s PVP. And when I can, I play PVP no raid window, because it seems so much more real.

The inference is each 40-person world can be controlled (dominated) by a 10-man clan. Why can’t five solos work out some form of doing the same? As Emperor, I have room for some kings. :crown:

As for the consumer behavior, people feel empowered for the first time in their lives. They have a voice, and their opinion counts as action. This is an unfortunate fugue of free will, and with any luck it will be turned into meaningful, lasting activism instead. Good on you for having a positive attitude through it all, @Halcyon. You’ve been unfailingly polite through a trying time, clearly a well-adjusted barbarian.


You are missing the point. It’s not about his questions. It’s about what his post was already edited by a moderator for strong language.

+1 to both Halcyon and you.

In many cases chatting or writing e-mail`s is not the preferred means of discussion, believe me i know first hand.

So many times there are use of to harsh words that come out way to brutal, and believe it or not, the younger they are the worse they get, in most cases.

In some cases i have had wery hard discussions going on in long mail threads regarding my business, and often the topic seems to be out of my hands because the opinions are just to different to find any solution it seems.

Guess what, most of these cases are solved via a phonecall of via personal meetings.

It`s weird to see how peoiple change when they meet in person, and this is in a normal business scenarion, with adults.
Now imagine how this sits with the younger gereration?
How will they comunicate?

Point beeing:
It is way to easy to rant on the internet, especially on open forums like this.
And i dont mean that all negative posts are bogus, i just wish most people would open for discussion, and follow in these guys above me here in this thread to actually communicate instead of calling eachother out on all matters, all the time.

For the readers the text come out way to harsh, and many times way out of context or order imo.

Also i have experienced people posting references that are totally bogus to make a point, or just to hurt your company or person.
Fake nicks, fake names, make your stocks go down or up, take your pick, its the new way of business, just like fake hits on youtube or google.

Just look arround, you will see what i mean, as i follow stock threads on other forums i also recognize some peoples opinion, and the agenda for those are obvious.

In other words, do not think for a second that all posters are real, or have real life experiences, they may just as well have read on steam some things and just made it a big deal to suit their long therm agenda.


Ok my bad, I literally missed the point in that case :smile:


While I can agree with most of what you are saying, in this case: When someone would read something on steam, to come here and blow it up into a big deal, what exactly could their long term agenda be?

I think you are right in general about written communication, but here it is mostly genuinely frustated players who have played the game for many hours and are witnessing the mess first hand. And yes a lot of the communication might come across as harsh, so? But it does not come from bogus accounts that serve some long term (hidden)agenda, lol. I think you are being a little bit paranoid here, no offence.


I see what you mean, and you may be right, as i stated i do not say all do this, ok?

Point is that its to easy to make a negative thing blown out of proportions, and that doesent mean it isn`t true.

It is just a bit much, and that was the point of my post.
This and the fact that there are people that have this as a job, and by manipulating a company or a game like this will do so if the need is there to either make the game faill(competition), or to short the stocks and thereby win in the long run, same thing.

As i have seen them both i am not paranoid, but it`s a fact and a part of our new mean of comunication im afraid.

Someone that never played the game can easily read on steam and pull whatever info they find and blow it all over the net as a big thing, and who is there to stop them?
No one, it is just to easy.

I for one applaud the way Funcom is handling the critisism, as i know it is not easy to keep focus and find relevant information in between the masses of rants.
It`s like someone calls your girl/boyfriend nasty names all the time and you have to keep calm and stay sharp and focused, believe me its not easy.

In these cases its important to remember that its much more easy to complain then to give any sort of credit.
Just look at the number of people that register on the forum, many do so just to bash the game and then leave.
How about all the rest that play and live with the flaws knowing it will be taken cared of in due time?

I for one have played many games, and all of them have some sort of problems, so why is this any different?

WoW had a uppdate where they messed up again, i read about massive problems, and they have all the money in the world, makes the most perfected products the last 2 decades, how can they mess up?

I play the game as is, as i have done sence the Doom days, sure there are problems, but as long as i know about them i work arround them, or just wait to use that perticular function, problem solved.

These is no reason to write hateful messages here to prove my point, read the bug report, know someone is on it and play on, thats it.
Or report new found things like a normal person, thats all.

I emhezise the last sentence, we all like information about problems, but whats with being polite like a normal person you meet on the subway or at work?
Would you scream to them?
I guess not, but on the net it all good right?


Well one shouldn’t come to conclusions that one doesn’t have any experience with. I could easily have responded with my own prejudice view about pve players yet I refrained from doing so.

Griefing is constantly killing the same player over and over and going out of your way to do so, to such an extent that your effecting their gaming experience greatly. It’s pretty much harassment. If you have played on a pvp server in a mmo you would fully understand what a griefer actually is.

Being killed by another player in pvp is expected and is almost just the same as being bested by an npc.

I remember the days in Age of Conan where a corner of the map was for pvp duels where everyone would line up and watch 2 people fight to the death. You could challenge anyone and anyone that tried to grief any players during a duel would be delt with fairly swiftly.

Back to the topic I still stand with what I said before and believe you comparing your AnB to Funcoms Conan Exiles is not on the same level.

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What Fingah has written resonates precisely with the point I want to make. He just spelled it out for a wider audience, whereas I was writing a comparison that seems to resonate only with people who have had to receive feedback themselves.

Couldn’t have written it better myself. Thx Fingah.


Or you can acknowledge why people are calling him/her nasty names and deal with it in some way or another instead of ignoring it and staying sharp and focused while continuing on the path that made people call him/her nasty names in the first place :slight_smile:

Now serious: I have also played a lot of games, too many even :slight_smile: But most of the time when a game is broken, underperforming or when servers are not up to the task, it does not take 3 months(I’m counting from release on) to fix them and they generally do not release paid DLC during that same period. That just feels wrong, it all feels rushed to make as much out of it as possible and to ignore the problems for as long as possible.

If Conan Exiles/Funcom should fail, it sure will not be some real and/or bogus accounts on this forum that will have caused it.


Of course my comparison between AirBnB and CE is not on the same level. Not even close. Funcom has it rougher than me. By an entire magnitude.

As for PvP and Griefers? Ok. So Griefers and PvPers aren’t the same thing. I’ll respect that, since I haven’t experienced anything against that statement.

It did for wow.
We couldnt raid as it broke the servers the first 2 years!

And i do not make excuses for funcom, i try to make a point that some people are to harsh, and the same people is hidden behind a internet wall wich is no good for reliable information.

Would you call my girlfriend names to my face?
I think not.

There is no reason that justifie the behaviour of some people on the net period, if you have criticism, fine, do it, but bear in mind there are normal people reading too, not just your fellow ranters.

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There remains a fundamental disconnect here. It’s true that gamers are a fickle and unforgiving lot, this much has always been true. Nevertheless, predatory and outright deceptive practices are wide spread in the industry, and there’s a completely understandable backlash against what is perceived to be continuity of the practice. Lockboxes, Day 1 DLC, never ending early access, lax quality control - all of these contribute to the perception that the player is being taken advantage of.

Strangely, while they’re not wrong, they’re also the primary reason this happens. They keep buying mediocre products and supporting bad practices.

You’re right of course, Funcom isn’t a villain. But I’m not prepared to act as a bulwark against the criticism either. Even if an individual developer is passionate, and cares a great deal about the work they’re putting out, the ones pulling the strings at these organizations don’t appear overly concerned with getting it right before they ask us to open our wallets. They appear far more interested in deadlines and recuperating costs. It’s odd, too, because companies like early Blizzard and CDProjekt Red have demonstrated that if you deliver a quality product, you will earn the loyalty, and support of a rabid and devoted fanbase.


I played wow for 5 years, there were issues but not with core mechanics. I did many MC raids in the first 2 years, 40 people on your screen that is, not on your entire server.
So yea I do think you are making up excuses to defend them in this case.

About calling your gf names to your face:
I’d say it would come down on how I judge your physical appearance and what she might have done :smiley:


“I am a weapon of massive consumption. It’s not my fault, it’s how I’m programmed to function”

~Lily Allen

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