What running an AirBnB business has taught me about consumers & feedback. (How it's like to be Funcom)



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I can’t say I feel any compassion towards you if you really charge that much for a home stay. This AirBnB system is ruining entire neighbourhoods and raising rents so that families and students or artists are pushed out. And it is not evil investors who are the motor of this development but your greedy neighbour who is abusing AirBnB to rent out entire apartments the whole year around. They don’t pay taxes and give nothing back to the society they feast upon. Really bad example for things that aren’t going well on game development.


I have never seen any PvE server with more then a handful of people in it compared to my pvp server which normally sits at 30 for most of the day.

PvE servers are cool but unless they have a dedicated moderator to actively control building spots then after a few days of play people get bored cause some solo or clan decided to build close or on a resource spawn you need and you can’t do anything about it.

And then you can’t do anything else. If anything PvE-C are the way to go as it still allows you to at least fight during raid hours and be able to shove people who squat on a resource.


I might agree with you, if this was Guangzhou/ Shanghai, or Hong Kong, or anywhere in Asia (except Japan) for that matter.
But in most of Europe one must receive the permission of all Tennants in a building if one wishes to earn money with AirBnB. So either all Tennants can benefit from this, or no-one.

Furthermore, there are locale-taxes, under which AirBnB revenue falls under. The governments in Europe actually gain a good amount of extra tax income from this… that’s not even including income tax. And let me tell you… central European tax enforcers mean SERIOUS business. You don’t get away with tax evasion for long.

As for AirBnB driving out artists and students…

Students have free education here. From Kindergarten all the way to university. They are debt-free by law.
Artists are normally unemployed and enjoy a monthly national “minimum security” of 780 Euro if they don’t own anything at all. The government also pays the rent. Everyone here has health insurance by law and basic medical care is a human right.

Artists who aren’t unemployed, or are savvy enough to thrive independently can usually afford a good apartment. If not, there’s always the social welfare option.

Now, those people who buy entire apartment blocks have the city magistracy to answer to… And they aren’t dumb.

If your wondering which city this is, just Google the Nr. 1 most livable city on earth 2018.

Know your AirBnB host before you judge.


Gimme a break! When has an artist ever come from there?


Gustav & Ernst Klimt, Hermann Nitsch, Franz West, Gottfried Helnwein, Koloman Moser… sigh

Phucking Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss and Haydn, man! :smiley:

Artists are the cities blood :slight_smile:

I can’t go to Burgerking without passing a hand pan musician, or violinist.


Artists are the city’s blood? Ewww… things like filtering sounds from their cluttered brain through a reed instrument and onto a damp street should NEVER be as valued as it is today.

@OP: Don’t F with my money, ok? I don’t give a rats as$ about how hard it is for you in particular to run your business, I’m paying you for my vacation. If you screw it up, I WILL be pissed. You can whine and complain all you want about things breaking and how the customer reacts, but you know what? Inspect the property you own, do regular maintenance on it, and you will minimize the number of times this happens. If you still don’t like it, you’re in the wrong business.



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