What’s next for Age of Conan Exiles?

Wondering what the developers are thinking about in terms of what the future looks like for Conan Exiles.

Do you intend to expand and optimize it even further or are you pretty much abandoning Exiles in the near future? I’d like to know so that I have an understanding of what’s going to happen to all my progress online. I like the game, a lot. It’s got great potential, but it’s one of those games that’s so buggy online that it’s teetering on the line between fun and playable, or broken and frustrating.

The lag, and the issues with maintaining memory when teleporting between parts of the land in Exiles kills the immersion and the feeling of wanting to play.

It would be fantastic if these things were taken cared of. It’s hard as a non-developer to see that its 2023 and there are still issues that existed many years ago in the multiplayer realm even on newer gen platforms.

Anyway, tldr i love the game but there are things that definitely need to be optimized. Are the devs looking to keep optimizing and expand this IP?

Also suggestion, imagine chat-gpt integrated into the thralls to express the lore and chat with the player while exploring or dungeon crawling!? Would be cool.

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