What’s your solution?

Just hopped on my old server 1932 and all brimstone is blocked at springs, underwater, and caves. If you treb it and try to block the blockers you block the spawn. If you create a boundary, people can just break a wall, undermesh, launch themselves, or do the logout climbing trick to get to the land area and spam foundations. I’ll just play around and chat there but no point in actually playing due to this game breaking situation since early access. Will go to other servers but who’s to say this won’t continue happening on every server? Blocking the obelisks isn’t game breaking but this seems to just make it pointless to play. @scooter @ignasias

It’s hardly an ideal solution but if you’re levelling a thrall you could do worse than killing Rocknoses which are decent xp and can drop a small amount when picked, and you’ll get some from mobs and chests in the north, like around New Asagarth.

Ideally though you want to get a team together to take back control of the spawns.

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Thank you for your feedback. Good ideas but won’t work. You’ve got 2 enemy alphas with unlimited t123 foundations to respam as soon as it’s available. Anyone can go on any server and landclaim spam all brimstone resources with basic sandstone at the springs, above the caves, and in the ocean. It can’t be prevented. I’d like to also hear @Hugo or @Ignasi suggestions if at all possible what the solution is for players on servers with these scenarios. Thank you

The only real solution is a good admin who will step in and put a stop to griefing like this. Unfortunately you’re not going to get that on official servers. As such, your best bet is killing NPCs that drop whatever it is you need. It’s a slower process and far more dependent on RNG so it’s not exactly ideal for mass production, but it will get the job done. Eventually.


Yeah but they cannot stop loot drops from NPCs in the cities. They would need to prowl around waiting for victims, making even more PvP !

You would need to play the long game over time.

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Get as many people as you can on your server to quit and start fresh, they can enjoy being the kings of nothing

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