What should be the future of "Looting And Disassembling" mod after last (02.03.2019) update?

With PC Update (02.03.2019) a feature was introduced similar but not the same as the one introduced by this mod.

The feature introduced with this update allows you to disassemble weapons, armors, placeables and buildings items in a new crafting station called “Dismantling Bench” apparently similar to those introduced by the mod: Basic Disassembling Station and Advanced Disassembling Station.

The new feature is only apparently similar but it works in a different way and does not replace the mod.

In short, the new Dismantling Bench allows you dismantling an object to obtain the same amount of original materials you need to repair the object. In addition to weapons and armor option, it can also be used to dismantle placeables and building items.

The best solution would be to integrate the new feature in the mod and harmonize everything, but there are some problems that can’t be fixed right now.

Considered individually, the new feature does not create any problem, on the contrary, it allows everyone to disassemble the objects on official servers, including consoles, certainly representing an excellent new feature.

Unfortunately, joining the process of looting the weapons and armors of the NPCs, it opens up an issue related to balance, again.

Armor and weapons looting have opened many balancing issues in the past, such that they made it impossible to simply use the looting feature without intervening on different game mechanisms. These issues were fixed in the mod thanks to the players’ feedback.

These issues were fixed by:

  1. Removing Star Metal Items from NPCs Looting
  2. Removing ingots from NPCs looting
  3. Replacing special armors and changing it with many new ones having balanced features.
  4. Rebalancing the ingots amounts resulted from disassembling, thanks to the dismantling process with the Scrap-Metal/Borax system.

The mod was developed not only thinking about the balancing but with immersion in mind too, as required by many players.

Immersion breaking is a second aspect of the issue produced by using the new feature together with the looting feature of the NPCs.

In the past, removing Ingots from the NPCs inventory have had a double function, improved both the balance and the immersion.

Also, the “Scrap-Metal/Borax” system has the task of increasing both the balance by not allowing the immediate obtaining of ingots from the disassembled objects, as well as the immersion by introducing an additional logical step in the process to obtain the ingots, as it is in reality.

Now, the issue introduced by the new feature when used together with the looting feature of the NPCs breaks both the balancing and the immersion. This new feature makes it possible to directly obtain ingots from the dismantling process, without going through the “scrap metal” system and the rebalancing system connected to it.
The materials that are given in exchange are the same materials needed for repair, so changing these will also change those needed for repair.

This prevents having:

  1. Two-level dismantling feats,
  2. Balancing control through the “Scrap-Metal / Borax” system
  3. The introduction of new materials that can be obtained by dismantling.

Two features were be introduced in order to continue to enjoy all the advantages related to the balance and immersion of this mod, and to adapt the original mod disassembling system with the new official similar system introduced with the last update

There is a new crafting station called “Buildings Items and Decorations Disassembling Station”. This Station inherited the aspect of the new official dismantling bench but uses the mod disassembling system.
The new official “feat” has been replaced by a similar feat placed in the disassembling tree and the original one was deactivated.

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