What should I take in the server move?

There are 4 of us in the clan. We have many, many chests with many, many things we will lose.

So what’s a priority list of what to take?

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Socks and underwear!

You can never have enough socks and underwear!!!


Personally, I would say maybe some of the harder to get thralls, but most everything is easy enough to replace. No need to go crazy and try to bring everything along.

Really you could look at this as something of a fresh start. So you could just stick with some basics. Some tools and enough building materials to get you started, a good bearer or camel/caravan animal, and a horse and saddle. Don’t try to transplant your entire 50,000+ piece fortress.

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Horse and saddle

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Lol so much stuff from raiding will be lost :frowning:

But yeah I’m sorting through all the thralls right now.

I’m thinking grabbing a bunch of misc materials like the layered fur, layered silk, hardened leather, misc armour padding, armour scraps, and then misc supplies like metal, etc.

I would do T4 crafting thralls. Then T2-3 thralls in carpentry, blacksmith, or alchemist if you don’t have a T4 thrall of those. Then choice fighter thralls, basically Dalansia, Teimos, and Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers, or the strongest you’ve got. Tools, armor, and Weapons come after, enough copies of your favorite to factor in any mishaps. Then after that pretty much Alchemical Base and stuff to make perfected padding. Stack of chests to store stuff and then finally some building pieces and assorted mats.

This is all assuming PVE. If PVP… well… may need to travel a bit lightly, pick someone in the clan to act as a first login scout. Basically logs in with enough to defend themselves but not enough where it hurts to lose. Pick a time when its light in the day, have them go in and see if the coast is clear. May even have them get a small base somewhere set up, then have everyone else login maybe even one at a time just in case, spreading out the materials so there’s no lucky piñata shots.

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Thanks! Yes PvE fortunately.

Good ideas

Thanks. Yeah not too worried about the base.
I’m glad I never built the dream base

A towel. Wherever you go, bring a towel.

Also: don’t panic.


What I would do…
First of all it is more than 800 stacks or pieces, so it’s not a few the things you can carry since we speak about 4 persons clan…
So let’s start from the beginning
, meaning the items that take just one slot for one piece.
Sword of Crom, predatory etc…
Items that demanded great grinding hours inside the unnamed city or khari dungeon, it would be nice to be transported in your new server.
2nd crafters. Having tier 4 crafters is helping you a lot to fix anything you need in no time, so they are definitely important.
3rd and logical to cover no 2 is tier 3 benches. They make a hell of time to be crafted and their economy is great on crafting things, so definitely you need them.
4th. Fighter thralls, and one horse only for each clan member. You will spawn full encumbrance in the desert of the new server so you need a fighter with gear (Dalinsia, Berserker, etc, you choose) to help you travel in any place you need safely. Every single player of the clan must have at least one fighter geared. The horses will be useful after you reach your base location, but it is good to have one ready, without shaddle, you can fix in your base one really fast it doesn’t worth the slot . Closing here is what I would carry only from thralls, my Spinas, Dalinsia and purge heroes, like Lesteret for example, Teimos, Berserker, Relic hunters are pop corn, you can farm them in no time in the new server.
5th. Materials and crafted materials like…
Obsidian, star metal, khari steel, all the metal bars and their reinforced aspect, armor scraps, elephant hide, rhino hide, feline pelt, layered silk, hardened leather and fur, shaped wood, insulated wood, crystal and smelted crystal, demon blood, alchemical base, bricks, hardened bricks, raw ash, ichor, black ice, fragments of power, dragon powder, brimstone, oil and 2 stacks t3 foundations. It is not so necessary to take daggon scales but if you can take a stack of these too it wouldn’t be bad, but they are not important for day one. Rocks, wood, bark, reisin etc… It is foolish and unnecessary to carry because you will have oiled tools with you so you can have thousands in minutes farming a bit outside your door. If you don’t have a blacksmith to fix legendary repairs then take some with you, you will need them badly.
6th, what I put in my hot bar?
1 torch
2 glimmermoon
3 pork feast
4 oiled pick
5 oiled sickle
6 oiled skiing knife
7 potions
8 antidotes (Set)
My gear?
Redeemed silent legion and any gas mask, but if you can risk a slot the executioners hood would be cool too. This armor can help you travel all around the map to retrieve the obelisks easy, very easy actually.
If you need me to categorize quantities of each materials fell free to ask, I would gladly do it m8 :+1:t6:.
Go find your spot, place your foundations and some walls only to protect your benches and crafters, fix chests for organizing and go around the map to take the obelisks.
Have a nice restart my friend


i would go for a set of named thralls(including archpriests), a stack of foundations, all top benches(would not carry the ones that r easily crafted -like grinder or dryer), tools , fops , repair kits (at least 100 for weapons so i can repair tools, and 20 for armour, a couple of fighter with u with their gear (a good set of armour and a good weapon) red mother torch (if u own) , some oil (around 2-3k should be more than enough) my weapons , at least two sets of my best tools, a stack of chests, and the rest is up to you (what u consider valuable)…also some things i call situational (helm of norheimmer, mistmourn , solspeil, a stack of explosive arrows, a ss mask -like comanders helmet etc)


Great tips - thanks.
Our chests aren’t the best organized. Starting going through things this weekend. What a grind lol

Been pulling out nordheimer, mistmourn, solspiel, etc

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Fabulous detail! Marking this one as a solution

But all the posts have been beneficial. Even the crying towels ones :slight_smile:
But I’ve moved on from anger and sadness. Now more just disappointed.

But we’ll do this now and see what the future brings. If we disband or whatever on new server after having a last run at some things, then so be it.

We will have had a fun run


Yea the priests! Gotta get those.

Lots of work to do yet

About 3 weeks to get this done!

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Nice Reference! :wink:

Premades is the the most compact such as building, epic padding, eldarium ingots, layer silk thralls weapons and all dragon powder.

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Shaped wood, Insulated wood, hardened bricks, steel bars, crafting benches, crafting thralls, your favourite armour and weapons you actively use, one or two spare sets for new combat thralls, gathering tools and all the black ice, bark and dry wood your clan can carry

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