What should you do with the weather system and items? (+ some notes from IoS)

  1. You must make empty wearable item slot to grant some heat resistance and to grant negative cold resistance, it’s logic, if you are naked you are (usually!) less vulnerable to overheat and more vulnerable to cold weather.
  2. You have to rescale the heat and cold resistance, scale from 1 to 10 is too small for you to tweak it properly. You should rescale it to 1 to 100. 100 for mistmourne and eye of the watcher.
  3. The items’ resistances for temperatures are not tweaked well, some of them have to barely grant any cold resistance but grant you some heat resistance, or otherwise: grant you cold resistance but no heat resistance at all (so you can feel less heated without them, BUT to not feel more cold if wearing them), it connects to number 1 and number 2 (you could not tweak them properly with just 1 to 10 scale)
  4. 90% of wearables looks like this
    and it shows no actual represantation of resistances, this has to be fixed.
  5. Grant wearables to scale up to full bar for mistmourne and eye of the watcher for them to be a “benchmark”(comparison point for all other items), and for proper benchmarking. It would take to nerf them somewhat however, like: they give same resistance as 2 strong “warm weather cloths” parts or 2 strong “cold weather cloths” parts, so that the other items are more clear about how much resistance they grant player.
  6. Make water cooling to not stack with cooling down while being in water.
  7. Make water cooling to last way longer, like 15 minutes or so.
  8. Make player temperature to change little more slowly, in real life it’s never like : BANG and you get hot instantly.
  9. Make player temperature temperature to raise a little bit when running/swimming actively and attacking - very immersive change.
  10. Rescale the general bar for cold and hot resistance in the character stats so that full bar represents wearing fully maxed out best cold/hot weather clothing with mistmourne/eye of the watcher and that makes you 150% comfortable at any weather conditions. So you don’t need to wear all of their parts to feel to feel 100% comfortable.

These apply to IoS scrictly:
11. Make a windy weather “status” that is cooling down the player (same way as water cooling do it) if player is at mountains/highgrounds on the isle of sitah
12. Make a forest places to be little bit colder than beach parts of the island, but make any full clothing to make you feel 100% (or at least 75%) comfortable (for most armors) in the plains. Also make beach parts a little bit warmer, and aswell 100% comfortable if wearing any full clothing on you.
13. Add IoS’s mealstrom to apply status “windy” and temperature effect if you are inside of it “cooling down” or “warming up”. The results of mealstrom could be randomly shuffled and vary: from up to very cold to very hot result.

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