What the deal with object-placements in Conan after all these years?

Ok, please tell me I’m missing something here. Check these pictures… WHY in earth can’t I place those?
It is solid foundations. But still they give me error no matter what. Is there a workaround?
For those who cant see the pictures = I have a huge area of foundations. But I cant place a simple wheel of pain on the foundations.

ibb . co / f84K5vQ
ibb . co / g9SdFZj
ibb . co / 7XzzDXw
(had to use another upload service, because appearenly “new” users cant upload pictures here lol. Just put https:// infront of the image-codes!)

Thank you!

The second one is probably clipping with the gate.

For the first and third – sometimes you’ve gotta play around with the height. Or middle mouse click, un-equip, re-equip, then try messing with the height again. And at the same time wiggle your mouse around all over until you see the error disappear. There is usually a sweet spot.

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Click the middle mouse button/wheel to auto adjust, if it doesn’t work still it’s a long standing bug, place somewhere a building piece, like a T1 fence foundation, then go and place whatever you have to place down. When the placements get bugged you need to place “something” somewhere else to “unbug” that something that doesn’t want to be placed. It’s silly I know, but it’s early acc…oh wait it isn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree that object placement is a pain in the ■■■. The hitbox needed to place something is way bigger than the actual hitbox.

Another thing to keep in mind is that foundations have a funky way of support. The sides of foundations are not always seen as support in a lot of cases. I went into single player (I don’t have any mods installed) to make the following example.

This is just a small object and as you can see. I can’t place it. I did not raise it, lower it or tilted it. I had this with almost all objects in the Hotbar seen on the ss.

If I move it just a bit.

I can place it. Dodged the funky spot.

The bigger the object the bigger the issues. I tried placing a wheel of pain in my base on a private server (again, I don’t use mods. No mods installed at all). Once I FINALLY got it down, I wasn’t happy with it. It had to go but before I destroyed it I tested the support. It was built on ceilings so I went under it and just started removing ceilings and pillars.
This is what I ended up with…

So why do I need a massive platform to put something down (after I dodged all the funky spots on the area I want to build it on), While a mostly empty void is keeping it up?

The only possible workarounds I can think of are;
-Keep rotating it if you’re confident the area you want it build on, is big enough.
-Move it slightly to see if you’re trying to build on a magic crack between foundations.
-If the area is not big enough or you have doubts it’s big enough, expand it and remove unwanted foundations or ceilings after you build it. It is not a guarantee it’ll stay up so keep in mind that you might lose resources using this method.

Last note. The greater wheel of pain is rotating when you want to build it. The rotation of the wheel also counts as a hitbox. Sometimes the game tells you you can’t place it but if you let the thralls rotate it just a bit more, all of a sudden it’s free of blockades and you can place it.


Well i can’t see the photos either because i use my son’s cellphone. My wife holds the laptop and my son the ps4, so i have his cellphone :wink:. So i will try to inform you, the best i can, how to defeat the building bugs of the game.
1: simple building bugs
When you place foundations in a row, you might find your self to the unpleasant situation, for no reason at all, not to be able to continue. The solution i found to defeat this bug, is to have a wall constructed to another bar, change the bar like puting a wall now and click back to foundation. Guess what… now i can put the foundation… Magick. This can happen to everything you build, keep doing this trick and your building days will be better.
2: Put relegions, greater wheel of pain and animal pens inside your construction.
It will take more than a miracle to install a greater wheel to an allready done building. For some reason (bug) you have to put a lot of foundations and let the bug decide where it will be installed, for example i use 100 foundations, 10 x 10, and i try a lot, sometimes, to install it. When finally it is installed, the walls around it is again foundations, at least 5 height, check if i have gaps to place pillars (especially to the animal pen) and finally i go up to place ceilings. Last tip for this, i close the roof by placing the ceilings roundly, 99% success. If you play pvp put foundations over the ceilings and close with roof, to make it dificult for the others to break in.
Thats all my friend, i hope i understand your problem and my post will help you.

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