What time is the update?

Please, please, always update at the same time and put the time on your site prominently!

:smiley: wont happen, they will update when they will think its good, and if u lloose materials like 400 chaos fuel u wont get it back because its EA :smiley:

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Hey there,

They usually push out updates on Tuesday or Thursday around 12 AM CEST. Updates have to go through QA before they are brought to Live and if they don’t go through they need more testing, which means the release time has to be delayed by hours or days (which can happen multiple times in a row…).
I believe they still give a warning in-game (at least for official servers). Others have suggested they do this earlier before.
You can join the fan-made Conan Exiles Discord and keep an eye on the chat there - Ignasis often gives a heads-up, up to a few hours prior to an update. Otherwise, there’s no saying when it’ll come out, as updates are, as mentioned, generally made around coffee time :wink:

They tend to stay away from the Friday patches since a while now, but when they can patch something they will consider to do so.

Conan Exiles does not provide MMO-like support. There are no refunds for items etc., but you can report a bug if you come across one. Be sure to follow the report guidelines.

I’ve moved this thread to the General Discussions subforum, as it provides general feedback. The thread will be seen regardless.

Na its ok, it was like no info about update and then just when i try to summon surge with fuel in altar - 10 min till server restart ( and u cant pick out fuel ) it was just because they did 2 times in row ( 2 days like today tuesday ) then atleas warn maybe 2 hours before :smiley: on forums or in server not 10 min before restart wher u cant even get home or take out fuel from altar…

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