What to craft before the new economy patch?

Hey guys!
I would like to know what should i focus on before the economy patch goes live?

Thank you very much

Ichor and oil.


Toilet paper… lots of it… as much as you can get your hands on… Oh wait that was my shopping list


This. And here’s my plan for it: I’m gonna craft fridges to fill up with exotic fish. Right now, if you cook exotic fish, you don’t get ichor, and if you press it, the fish-to-oil ratio is 10:1. But after the update, cooking it should give you ichor, and pressing it should give you 1:1 fish-to-oil ratio.

So why not get the best of both worlds? Before the patch, I’ll cook or press unappetizing, press savory, and store exotic. After the patch, I get to cook or press all the exotic I got “for free” before the patch :stuck_out_tongue:


Good idea. Make sure you store it in your hardened bunker.

I’m going to do the same.

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We dont use twine anymore, its just grass now.

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I think i’ll do the same, thanks
And what do you think about armors or kits or weapons?

I doubt it’s worth the mental/organizational overhead compared to just making a lake’s worth of oil now, but it depends I suppose

Leg. rep kits.

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The only thing I can think of to add: make alchemical base if you start running out of storage room.

We have cupboards full of oil and ickor. Look like the latter isnt used any more.

Oil can be used for your furnance, cooking station. It’s also used for upgrade kits, repair kits, hardened leather which is the basis for heavy armor.
I wouldn’t say ichor isn’t used anymore. On the contrary, ichor is used in alchemical base which in turn is used for aloe potions, healing wraps. The new healing system heavily depends on it.

Smart. I am already getting info for my alpha friends on PS4.
But this just shows the broken economy of nothing decays while stored. So now new players to game after patch (if any) will be EVEN farther behind on PVP servers. Thus, PVP will not change at all. :frowning:

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Definitely. I almost feel like this is cheating. It makes me think of insider trading, but the difference here is that the information is out there, publicly accessible. :man_shrugging:

I think of it as giving myself a buffer that will let me learn how to optimize my production under the new system without suffering. It’s not like what I’m doing now will produce enough oil and ichor to last me for a lifetime.


Something smells fishy with that screenshot

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