What to do when Testlive is down so long your base despawns: A Guide

I’ve lost multiple bases due to Testlive being unreachable for longer than the decay timer.

While this is inconvenient, it is Testlive, so it’s part of the environment.

I am using the following strategies to mitigate these occurrences:

Store as little as possible
Losing chests of resources is depressing. Since Testlive harvest rates are accelerated, spend less time gathering for storage and switch to gather for use

Utilize all of your thralls
Thralls expire around a week after your base decays, take advantage of this
Give them the best weapons, armor, shields, and other critical items as it will be available for your use when everything is gone
Tame a few T3+ bearers as walking chests, have them hold onto stations and thralls and critical supplies to allow a jumpstart on a new base
Don’t get rid of T3 crafting thralls, they unlock recipes you will need, store them on guard thralls
Build and store on thralls a spare maproom, this will halve the tedium travelling to far away locations
Build and store on thralls the building pieces you need for the footprint of your base

Thoughts and additional ideas are welcome.


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You did the right thing: put it to the forum.

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