What to do when there's a base in an annoying place?

So on the server I mainly play on there is a base that blocks one of the paths near sepermeru, I can climb over a section of the base or just run the long way around but it’s it really annoying to do this each time, I also don’t see the person who owns the base ever stay on for more than a minute and has been there for over a month

The options you have are:

  • find a way to talk to the owner of the base and see if they can accomodate you
  • learn to live with it
  • transfer to a different server

Yeah, it’s inconvenient, but if the base doesn’t completely block any content or cause any other real problems on the server, then it’s on you to learn to coexist on a public, shared server. :man_shrugging:

And yeah, it sucks when someone is a serial refresher who just keeps their base refreshed indefinitely without playing, but the devs don’t seem to think this is a problem worth addressing with an upkeep system. Unless that changes, we’re stuck having to deal with th at.




If this is on a private server, then I would recommend contacting the admin and explaining the issue with the building.

If it’s on a Funcom Official Server, then I would recommend submitting a Zendesk Report. If this structure violates our Terms of Conduct, then we may take action.

Please keep in mind that not every report will result in action being taken against the structure or the owner. We will also not discuss our findings or any action taken as a result.


This one must assume you are on a PvE server.
The answer on a PvP server is just too obvious.

As mentioned above, contact the owner of the building.

But unless it actually blocks a spawn point or access to Seperemu (which seems odd given how big the Seperemu building exclusion zone is and how many entrances there are to that city) reporting should be an act of last resort, after all adult options are exhausted.

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