What to do with report abusers (official server)

Yes, I know. I also know that it’s not against the rules to threaten to report someone. It’s also not against the rules to report someone after you threatened to report them. So this “extortion” that @Outcast3rd is referring to is not against the rules, nor does it help anyone overturn their ban.

@Axelius is asking concrete questions here and I am trying to do whatever I can, as just another player, to provide them with concrete and (hopefully) helpful answers. The semantics you call splitting hairs are the only way I can see to try to help.

As you said, the topic of “report meta” is discussed often, so I saw no need to try to steer this topic away from @Axelius’s questions and in that particular direction. Feel free to do so if you want to.


First, ensure that your structures are within ToC guidelines. While I say this with as much good faith as I possibly can, it is no guarantee that it will be considered when any tickets submitted to Funcom will be reviewed in the spirit of what you and your clanmates interpret.

You mentioned comments here. Yes there is currently a problem with the reporting system in place. Many have suggested that it is not so much inconsistency or over reach but a lack of clarity and communication in the ToC. I think it is part of it but not all.

Many have done everything they can in spirit of the ToC to follow the rules and were still banned.

I would take CodeMage’s suggestion/advice.


If you have the global chat as a screenshot, report them for the following. Hateful chat, personal threats, and impersonation of Funcom staff as only FC staff can ban.


And if you don’t have that right now, wait until they start talking smack again and get screenshots. In my experience, people like that don’t know when to shut up.


Also don’t say a word to them about the report. If FC agrees and bans them, then all of their characters on all servers should see an issue


If there is another player on a server threatening you or your clan with a violation, then capture the chat window. Report them as one of the other forum members suggested in this thread.

If you feel that you were banned due to a malicious report from a server, then file a Zendesk ticket for more information on the ban. I am positive that the team that works the Zendesk tickets is aware that people are making malicious reports to get people banned from the servers.


Read what I said:

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Yup that pretty much says it all just take screenshots as a backup. As long as you not breaking any rules then there just bluffing you.

Let’s not pretend that you know why someone else got banned, it’s not as if Funcom makes an announcement to the server explaining their actions. Besides, does it really matter what the reason was, whether they got banned due to your report or someone else’s, the result is the same.

I realize Zendesk is not a popular subject amongst those that have felt it’s sting. However, the system itself has been needed for a long time and the servers have never been better as a direct result. Official servers used to be a cesspool, but people are starting to learn that official servers need to be shared with others. While Zendesk may have some growing pains, it is still a VAST improvement.


This meta is not as bad as being reported. Most that are reporting are leaving out key facts. Remember, FC wont comment on individual issues, so we are literally only getting one side on every thread this pops up in. I know for a fact, they investigate and dont knee jerk to ban. I know for a fact a person cane on here and crafted the most simpothitic story of unfair ban, when i knew the person who reported and what for. All the exploit trick facts were left out. So please understand, the banning that is happening is a majority of the time self inflicted by players who push the linits of the rules. Be surpirsed how many of these innocent players brag in chat pre-ban how FC wont do anything to them, and tuff of it causes issues on your “potato”.


It’s gotten so bad I don’t even live in a base anymore I just live out of body vaults. When servers get repopulated and players build up I just login grab what I need off body vaults wipe the clans then body vault the new loot. rinse repeat.

Can’t trust some salty players won’t report your base after you wipe them.


I agree that Officials needed some kind of management as i’ve played on them since EA. I’ve seen it all from foundation and vault spam from noob river to deserters gutter, I’ve seen brimstone lake completely covered in foundation across multiple servers. I’m all for funcom clearing that and I haven’t seen anything of the sort like that in a VERY long time.

The problem comes from Funcom thinking they also need to wipe a base because it was 200 foundations webbed around it for land claim. They don’t. I’m sorry but nobody PvE or PvP wants people built right next to them. As it currently stands on Officials with the 0.5 Land Claim setting you can build roughly 12 foundation distance away from someone. That is nothing.

My most recent suspension from officials on a burner account went like this. Build up in a small cave b4 moving to a main location, Chinese on the server find our base location and completely wall around us since we have no land claim to prevent this. When we moved location I placed 10 foundations each side of the new base location so it’d never happen again. 2 weeks later and everyday destroying the chinese in pvp our base is deleted and 2 days later 8 of us are sitting on 14day suspension.

Quick single player reconstruction of exactly what we had north and southside of the base F8 Cave on Siptah. 14 day suspension for abuse of the “land claim system”


I mean, the explicitly said “no foundation webbing”. They even posted pictures. Were you banned before they did that? Or did you honestly look at those pictures and thought “yeah, but those are big, and mine are small, I’ll be fine”?

Hey, you know what else is against the rules and will get people banned? Walling someone in.

Instead of breaking rules to prevent someone else from breaking other rules, why don’t you just do what you’re supposed to do and report them?

Don’t. Abuse. The. Land. Claim. System.

After reading @Foggy’s story, I can totally believe that. I mean, he at least admitted it openly, but imagine how many must have the same kind of misconception driving them to come here and claim, quite seriously, that they didn’t break any rules.

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My post isn’t abusing the land claim system tho lmao.

Also by the time Funcom even responds to reports the damage is already done. I should sit there for however long waitin for funcom to deal with bases being walled in?

and im stating funcom doesn’t need to wipe and ban players for webbing foundations around their bases. It’s a non factor. I never said I got banned for it. The pictures I shown of my base that got me banned isn’t webbed foundations. It’s a row to stop Asians walling in my base.

I welcome you to go to this thread Land Claim Abuse on Official Servers and show me where a single row of foundations is webbing or even against tos.

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thank you very much for the reply, ill talk about it with the other players that were online that moment if someone got a picture of the threatening :slight_smile:

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yeah this! , apologies for not typing it more clearly x.x

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Thank you very much for the reply :slight_smile: ,im gonna talk with my friends we play in same clan to see if we de spawn any resource , i have a question , we have 2 buildings in the starter river and other than palm trees and puddles (no big rock formations) are we ok :o ?

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i want to thank you and everyone that replied my post , i appreciate it! :slight_smile: , ill ask the people if anyone have pictures of the threatening , and i truly wish for peace with the new players


You sure can appeal a ban, but by time you appeal it. All your bases are already gone. Everybody on the server has most likely looted all your stuff, so damage done.


NP and it is actually my pleasure.

If we want a better game, that means we gotta rally and defend against the toxic jerks that abuse the system.