What tree latest patches destroyed on our server

Game mode: Online - 10man server , eu only , only two mods (1k stack and pick anything up)
Problem: Bug / Misc
Region: all eu regions

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First patch basicly killed 70% our thralls (just gone from server) , 30% my brothers house gone with funicher and chest filled with content. rest of my tralls not owned by me anymore. cant loot with F key anymore (as we all know), globes gone (as we all know) ,

patch two , all thralls gone once again , but i keeped ownership of surviving thralls

latest patch . 80% THRALLS GONE !! my brothers ENTIRE house GONE ! with everything in it ! (made of sandstone)
My base hade alot of missing walls , gates , stairs and fences random all over. (made of stonebrick every part.) WTF are you doing. ?

If i didtn play on private server able to respawn all we lost i would have quit game. This is rediculess. How about you spend less time making damn DLC and fix your game first ? and then proberly test things before you release it when you finally do make dlc’s ?

I know all games has bug , but 3 patches in row have destroyed so much on my server. I barely mentioned all that happened, only what happened to me and my brother . But 3 other players have same problems.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. log into game