What type of server do you prefer

  • Current PVP Official
  • Current PVE Official
  • Current PVE-C Official
  • A new casual PVP Official

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Just to prove a point of how polls can be manipulated. A Factual statement about this poll. those that voted, 100% want a new more casual PVP official. so that means the forum wants a new official PVP casual server.

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HAX! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Wait…Remember this?

You literally based about 10 posts discussing (this very subject) with me using the forum poll as your source.

Now you take my position, that your poll data wasn’t relevant! Seriously… (I have to do it) :joy:


2nd one says added with dying servers. Polls are good for part of the data, not all of it, especially when the poll is not adding value to the actual data being dispalyed.
3rd one, it was talking about the forum, not overall how to bring things outside the forum in. Nice work going thru my posts. Glad to see you are so interested in me, but i am already spoken for. Stalk much?

Apologies for getting in the middle. LordKAA appears to have what we call “exceptional recall,” or sometimes referred to as a photographic memory. I have been labeled (among other things) eidetic, myself. People with recall like this can actually remember the discrete conversations with you, on this very subject. :stuck_out_tongue:

Back to the OP, I was just about to pop in and say how much I admired this data. I read it when it was posted, and it made me recall the quibbles I’ve related about surveys. This. This is a poll worth polishing!


Sure just call 9998 like minded people at dinner time to get your intended results. It’s on the news every morning. LOL. Hears to you friends.

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