What u plan for the future?

so being at the 16th of December , with no DLC announced, no new content ingame, and siptah not being everyone’s cap , i wonder what the future of CE will be? (to clarify one thing , i am a huge fan of this game , i own all dlcs and i have not decayed since 1st week from release -when i entered the server i play on…)

But game seems stagnant lately and i am worried…
seen some discouraging charts also ( https://steamcharts.com/app/440900#1y)
and i wonder why nothing is done , and if its done , why w e r not announced something so we expect things?

Sry to bring this up , but i am on the edge of leaving the game for good…

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Maybe they’re focusing on the quality of the current TestLive build instead of rushing it out and making the game even buggier. Maybe they’re working on Xbox stability issues. Maybe they’re working on making all these new updates available for consoles.

Maybe we don’t need new content as urgently as all of those things.


I would expect something Soon™


soon is a bad answer to me

if so , why they do not make that clear?
besides i hate to say it , but i doubdt they will fix many things in game… at least the past tries showed this…

Yeah, but people keep bashing them for “working on new content instead of fixing bugs”, and then turn around to demand new content ASAP.

I’m not saying that stopping all work on new content is necessary to fix those bugs, or even good for the game. It’s neither.

I’m just tired of seeing these posts with demands, threats to quit, and charts showing the inevitable demise of the game. Whatever happened to simply asking what you want to know?


We already know 2.3 is in the works, and it’s not expected this year. They said as much in the last dev stream 2 + months ago.


Well, according to some, we are not allowed to have new shiny dlc’s, cause 3d artists are supposed to write code/fix bugs instead. While i have some sympathy for their cause, they tend to forgett there are other game modes less broken than theirs.


tbh that comes off kinda like “Why are some people demanding what they want, when FC should be making what I want” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well between this Xbox issues, covid, holidays, mass shutdown and losses world wide, lack of everything, they basically just like the rest of us have to stop and get sat down and actually think of a different way to do all that we need to get things on the right track but I’m sure there more behind the secens than we know


Maybe that means the ps4 will get to catch up.

Well if you want catch up look in the frigid that should help you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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For PC. but consoles are dying faster and faster every day. Thus why many of us(and i own the PC version as well) are starting to divert oyr attention else where in gaming.

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Well assuming others don’t fall behind as well as each country is affected differently in terms of how they handle the crisis some have shutdown completely with no work at home and will start again whenever they limits are lifted hopefully things will get better but who knows at this point

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I’m on the bugfix side.
Quality of content > quantity of content for me.
Honestly that would be totally fine for me if they would say: “Siptah is the only content we will release anymore.”
There are a plenty of things to do in this game. Plus the mods for PC.

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what we do not know is what they will do in 2.3… they will change what? (cause with intro of 2.2 the game changed a lot) , and i would love to know the way they plan to change it. i do not wanna affect em , as its their game and they can chenge it to whatever they want , but some changes r beyond acceptable for me… who told em that we needed a workbench that would be 5 ceilings tall or 4 foundations wide? under what sceptical and how they decided that? to build smaller bases(irony here) or that half the things i can build/aquire in game r now not worth a thing ? ( thrall pots , legendaries, fishtraps, etc) they seem to misunderstand the project of gaming with the real life (and this shows passion, but not a good thing for real life players) … @Multigun i have no doubdt that they work on this game , i do not even question if the game course is the one i personally like… this is on time to show me, i have a complain that i have no news from them … as u said its been 2 months … should not things have slowly been put in testlive one at a time (whenever something is ready ) for test? or shall we have a huge patch with all content at once? we (as players that have no communication with devs) r left just to guess with a phrase that was been told 2+ months ago…

and to put it from a marketing/company perspective… shall i as player would be hyped to spend my christmass money on them , or not? Is this period of time a good period to put out something new?(no need to answer this ofc, anyone that has been in gaming bussines even as customer knows the answer) .
do not take the thread as an attack to FC. i supported em and still do (in game and here in forums) , but i would like to really hear some news…

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Last we heard regarding consoles was that they were aiming for patch paritity for 2.3 as well, which was in the same dev stream. Obviously Siptah itself will be released to consoles on full release as originally advertised. And I’m going to assume that means something after 2.3 (2.4, 2.5, etc), but that’s a wild guess on my part and I have no evidence to back that up.


i am pretty sure about it also . i just see (ofc from my point of view) that mistakes of the past is on its way again… if they r planning something new (despite the fact that i did not liked the new changes that came up in 2.2, but that is a personal thing , i believe that they served some people’s struggle) some (even one) should by now have hit testlive and already being tested (we have streamers that could relay the info) . what i am not sure though is the way things will come… i need more light in whole case… what the changes r , how they will be implemented, what to expect, will be a weapon rebalance? will be a trhall rebalance? how they plan on reducing the server load? (we had these expectations once… we lost / killed thralls for it, downsized bases etc.) we had something to expect… now all we know is that the game will be reworked and somewhere NOT in 2020 the patch will come… not a great way to share info…

Theme is land.

They did. 2.2 is on Testlive right now. When 2.3 is ready for testing, they’ll do the same.

Fair. However, the point of my post is to show that they are indeed working on something, as you said you were worried nothing was being worked on, followed by you saying you were going to “leave the game for good” unless given information.

Evidence shows they are working on stuff, 3 patches to testlive for 2.2, and we already know that 2.3 is planned and is being worked on. And we know the theme is land, per their last dev stream. When their marketing team feels like they want to share something about 2.3, they will.

i am one of the players that have not a lot of stuff to do in this game (except level thralls in randomness) which i am not a huge fan of… the mods maybe… but this means i am out of official server (and i have spent effort on the one i am now) since week 1… for me its like quiting if i get to leave from there…(not sure if u understand how i am telling this) and its fine if i do so , after all i am just a player like anyone else (no demands or threats here) , but i am trying not to get there… that is why i would like some fragments of future…