What u plan for the future?

Hopefully what you have mentioned is really happening. Seeing that testlive is still there and not on live :wink: i have good Feelings about it.

It is a shame that so many of us Had to rant/vent/cry here on forums before you realized that you are digging the game’s own grave. It is a start on the right path!

Thumbs up.

It’s today ?

Weapon against mounted combat? :’)
Specially for PvP haha

Years on and we are still getting updates (free) and game-support? So many other games I have played release their game, maybe an update or two and then they move to the next project. So pleased we get to get added content to the core game (Exiled Lands) as well as new content in the form of Siptah, and DLC cosmetic stuff to keep things varied. Keep it coming. My core players have been playing since the back in early-early access. I suspect they will carry on playing.
PS: As always, no posting is complete (for private, modded server players without raising a large glass of cheer/bubbly/mead/grog to the dedicated maniacs we call Modders)

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Games that does not support more updates are usually WORKING unlike conan exiles with gamebreaking bugs since EA. And you even ask for more DLCS? First let them fix game ffs.

The amount of content coming for Siptah!

Glad to see the map turning into a “all player” map instead of the more pvp orientated.

I need to mention the Maelstrom, the changes coming to it might not be well received by the more "Hardcore ".

Thumbs up for the devs and thank you for listening to your player Base. Hopefully Testlive will receive These changes in Proper time in Order to avoid the 2.0 and 2.1 releases.


The game is boring, especially the new mega dlc - all empty.

Yeah, suprise, celebrate…new content is coming… soon™
BTW - new religion will be ZATH, right?

@Ignasi if we were to put you on a wheel of pain with your favorite foods would you give us a date? I would also put drinks in the wheel of pain for you.

Can not wait. Bravo. I don’t even care if I have to rebuild my base.

Purge mechanic to Siptah is wonderful. Best news in the lot. I know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea but I have been playing a lot of 7 days to die A19 lately and I would really like to get some tower defense going with Siptah. Now if only 7 days had pets and followers. :slight_smile:

Sorry but im missing the point… That message (whatever it means) is targeted to me or Ignasis coz its confusing.

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And what is the future of the exiled land? still getting new content?

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Sorry was meant for Ignatius must have hit wrong spot on phone have a great day

i just read the letter and this is the kind of news we want to hear… at least now we have something to expect…

something that would be great as time goes by and if u want to be ok , u should mention with clear charts and map that show the area of where the npc’s camps will be placed on the isle of siptah map… what happens if a player has his base there? have u considered this? would be a bad one if someone invested a ton of effort to build base /surges/ got thralls etc and one day the game decides to place a camp where his base is and all effort is a big FU from the company… have u thought how u will compensate the player?

add some nice warm fresh cut coffee!!! he likes this as well

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Thank you for the idea making hazelnut coffee right now not our favorite just need to use it up. Have a great day

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They don’t wipe, so not sure how they will introduce new settlements on some of the more populated officials. And not wiping makes moot some of the changes in a way imo.

Good question. Again, Siptah is early access, so a lot of attention makes sense, but nothing in the letter addressed PVP combat or raiding mechanics, both sorely shallow game play loops in Conan.

He means which I’ve seen that when a dungeon or settlement is placed that it automatically makes it to were you can no longer build in that spot or area thus many might have to rebuild theirs base on siptah and this has happened in the exiles land too

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