What was the download @ 20-11 (If any)

I logged in steam and conan started to download/update, think 200 mb-ish(?)
The system is current and played on daily.

Didn’t pay attention, and as usual i went to the forum to see what the update was about.

can’t find anything?

No update today.

Thanks for your reply.
No i see, im puzzled by this.

When i went to the DL page of steam there was an empty DL graphic and no game icon etc.
(The DL was finished already then)
I never looked for logs on steam DL’s, have to figure that out.

Mod maybe?

For me there WAS a nothing download today. Steam acted like it was about to DL something, but then nothing.

No Multigun, no mods indeed.

Ty for your reaction Virgin Marie (lol)

Yeah had it for a second time on another pc.

It said 2k

Ok weird but noted.

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