What works and what not works after parity patch

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Ok what works is that the thralls heal after getting out of the wheel of pain and that is good.
What (still) not works is the warpaint and beeing dashboarded is still a thing sadly,even if i go to the singleplayer offline. The rubberbanding is also a problem,it happens less than before.
These are the things i found out…other peepz might have found other things that work or not work

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Have the same problems with dashboarding most of the time if I’m go to close to the vulcano :confused:

Whahaha for me it doesn’t matter where i am

no purges in co-op/singleplayer and the resetting purgebar is still an issue

Same here dudes! I couldn’t load anything withat an existing character period. So I started a new single player and it just dashboards me every 5 minutes or so. I really like this game. And really wanna play it, but it’s been like this since yesterday. If it’s not fixed soon, I’m gonna have no choice but to move on unfortunately.

Purge meter is resetting on our private server also, Some report black screening then to the dashboard and when they come back they are dead and with none of their items on them, sometimes you can find the dead body sometimes you can’t

“Update: Warpaint and stamina glitch fixes were erroneously in the list of notes. We apologize for the miscommunication”