What would you like to see added to the game? (Encore!)

Took me a couple days to compile (and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things), but here are some other things I’d like to see added or improved…


  • Arm-Pit Options. Frank Frazetta and Boris Valejo’s artwork was iconic for Conan and their women didn’t have hairy arm-pits. If we can turn meteors into refrigerators, then a razor blade shouldn’t be a huge ask. Please give us a customization option to shave them, even if it’s a one-use item we craft in-game, and let it work on thralls too.
  • Hair Dressers. Add talkable NPCs in Buc’s Bay and Sepermeru that allow us to recustomize our character or follower if we so choose. Hair style, color, beard, tattoos, arm-pit hair… hell, let us give our poor T4 dancers a boob job too!
  • Red Hair. Auburn is about the closest we get in-game to real red hair, and half the time it ends up looking brown regardless.
  • Scars. It would be cool to have a variety of scars that we can position on our characters as we see fit.


  • Hair with Helmets. I like my character’s hair, so it’s really disappointing that we’re limited to a few masks and headbands if we still want to see our braid or mane.
  • Make Epic EPIC. Why should our flawless epic armors look the same as the base non-epic versions? Isn’t WYSIWYG one of the design philosophies behind why we don’t have armor transmog on Officials? Let the higher grade armors have progressively more ornate skins, and let those additional accents be dyeable.
  • Temperature Rework. Instead of assigning hot vs cold to armor sets, let players craft either a heating or cooling lining (or mod, enchantment, etc.) to determine the resulting armor’s climate affinity. I mean, we’ve already got scantily clad Zamorians
    cavorting in Frost Temple and fur-clad Picts chilling at the Volcanic Forge, so it’s not like it could get any less believable.


  • Better Elevators & Drawbridges. The current elevators & drawbridges look fine in T1 construction, but in T3 bases they look awful. Give us fancier options, perhaps even some 2x2 elevators and 1x4 drawbridges. Also allow higher tier elevators & drawbridges to be faster please.
  • Corner Snapping for Pillars. Let us snap them corners in addition to the center.
  • Crenelation Rework. Make crenelations contain a slot that you can place an archer into complete with armor, weapons, and arrows. Arrow-fire could then be generated from the outer face of the piece thus working around the AI issues they currently have.
  • Decorative Railings. T2 versions of all T3 fences that lack the anti-climb spikes (for interior decorating). Be nice to also have some climbable railings that match those on the Yamatai stairs.
  • Directional Indicators on ALL building pieces. (You did so good adding these to Frontier and Yamatai and then forgot this lesson with Stable foundations.)
  • Real Rope Bridges. Once someone has a horizontal elevator in-place, add a radial menu option to begin construction of a real rope bridge provided they have sufficient materials. Construction time should be commesurate with the length so that one at max length takes just as long as a trebuchet. Once built, allow further options to upgrade it to T2 or T3 in the same way.
  • Same-Sided Walls. For any existing walls, frames, etc where one side is different from the other, add two new building pieces, one with the outer face on both sides, the other with the inner face on both sides.
  • Snappable Stair Railings with Collision. Add sockets to the sides of all stairs so that we can snap functional railings onto them.
  • Stable Fences w/ Pillars. Please add sockets atop these that will grant stability. It would be a great way to allow players to have larger windows: Add Sockets Atop The Stable Fences That Have Pillars


  • Concussive Punches. Let unarmed punches deal both concussive and lethal damage, but make the concussive damage slightly out-pace the lethal. This would also benefit thrall AI.
  • Coup de Grace. Add a finishing move that we can perform on KO’d NPCs (not player-owned thralls) from the radial menu. It should take a second or two to play during which the player is vulnerable and can be interrupted. This would really help with cleaning up after ourselves when thralling or dispatching trash NPCs between waves of a purge.
  • Double-Tap Hop. Add double-tap dodging similar to the old heavy armor hop. It would include no invulnerability frames, but use only half the stamina of a roll.
  • Combat Slide. When at a sprint, let us press crouch to enter a slide (yes, similar to Borderlands 3). If performed against an opponent of human or smaller size, there should be a chance to knock them down, resisted by one of the stats (Agility, perhaps).
  • Running & Jumping attacks. Now that we have a momentum system, it’s silly for animals, NPC, and players alike to have to come to a complete stop in order to initiate an attack. Momentum should carry-over into the first attack, replacing the first attack of that weapon’s combo.


  • Armor Slots for Crafters. Add 5 armor slots to each workbench and temple so that we can dress our crafter & priest thralls as we please.
  • Armor Stands. Or else! :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Better Signs. The current wooden signs look ok in a T1 base, but look shoddy in most T3 bases. Give us signs of embossed iron, gilded signs, carved & polished ebony. Also, make them easier to read without having to stick a brazier right in front of them. Making them dyeable would be nice too.
  • Decorative Thralls (i.e. Entertainers have no AI, but are merely actors performing an emote like workbench crafters) full description: Decorative Dummy Thralls for City Life
  • Displays of Wealth. Add new chests for gold and silver that actually display as heaps of coin or stacks of bars. Let us craft dinnerware from our excess gold and silver… and melt-down that which we’ve stolen from others.
  • Floor Plaques. Sometimes it would be nice to put a sign on the ground, face-up. A prime example are the activation points on the Maproom, and also in our storage rooms.
  • Fruit and Food. Not only should we have fruit trees, but all those baskets, bowls, and plates we set on tables would look more inviting if they contained bread, fruit, stew… A whole-roast pig would be an awesome centerpiece for a banquet table.
  • Functional Barrels. We’ve got wine racks, barrels, jugs, urns, tavern bars made from barrels, even walls of barrels, but none of them can be used as containers. Let us store items in barrels! Also, I’d like a few storage slots in my Aquilonian Nightstand please.
  • LOD Slider for Decor. Similar to low-end laptop mode, add a slider so that players can set a threshold on how much decor and non-AI actors are rendered client-side. This would help to limit the ability for trolls to intentionally cause lag by spamming 100s of torches, decorative dancers (if implemented), trees (if implemented), etc.
  • Pick-Up Confirmation. If a placeable has other items on it (King’s Board, Tables, Rugs) then give us a confirmation prompt before we pick it up, or more the option to do so into the radial menu. It’s impossible to use the chess set under the current setup.
  • Trees Please. It’s a bummer that trees get despawned so far out from construction. Please give us the ability to plant trees similar to how we plant flowers. Re-use the same code that limits placing other items of a similar type too close together if spam is a concern.


  • Ammo Dumps. Similar to a Thrall Pot, give us a repository for ammunition so we can change out what our archers are using more readily.
  • Any thrall/pet currently set to Following should be immune to Lava and Falling damage. (If said follower enters Scouting mode automatically as a result of player death or disconnect, it should retain this immunity until it either teleports home, or the player puts a different thrall into Following mode.)
  • Go home. Add a radial menu option that lets us active a 5-minute countdown to have a follower return to their guard position. If they take damage during that time, the countdown begins anew.
  • No negative perks. Getting +3 Survival on a Fighter instead of Strength might be a disappointment, but it doesn’t ruin that thrall. Getting a penalty to strength after 20 levels of grinding, however, is infuriating as it makes
    our thralls worse than they were a few levels before. STOP IT! Make Perks always a boon (even if they aren’t optimal), but never put a penalty on one.
  • Non-lethal Improvements. If I’m using a truncheon or a weapon with a blunted fitting, my follower and nearby thralls I own should: 1. switch to a truncheon, 2. if they have no truncheon, switch to a weapon with a blunt fitting, 3. if they have no non-lethal options, they should use their fists (which should do concussive damage at a faster rate than they deal lethal damage, as mentioned above).
  • PvE XP Rate. Taking 4x as long to level a thrall (as on a PvP server) is soul destroying! It is literally the least enjoyable thing one can do in PvE, right below smashing rocks over and over. Please, it’s making many of us hate the game!


  • Accessibility Options. Motion Sickness, Repetitive Strain Injury, Color Blindness, Eye Strain… there are a lot of people with such issues, and many games do a much better job of enabling such players to enjoy the experience. Give us client-side options to help mitigate these issues such as options to remove the screen shake when farming, to disable the acceleration zoom effect, let Interact (E) close a fully looted chest once again, give us better options for deleting player-built structures, etc.
  • Attribute/Perk Assignment: If we have the points, let mouse users click on the Perk we want to spend those points on to save ourselves the 10 to 50 clicks it takes right now. (This is another example of RSI-unfriendly design.)
  • Better Recreate Character Safeguard. Not only should this be moved out of it’s present location next to one of the most-used menu options (i.e. Remove Bracelet), but it should take more than a mouse-click to confirm. Make us have to type DELETE to confirm such a drastic thing.
  • Better Clan Invite Protection. Similar to the above, if someone invites an unsuspecting player into their clan, make the invited player have to confirm by typing JOIN. This would prevent a great many instances of solo players getting robbed of all their belongings by hostile trolls.
  • Chat Autoscroll Toggle: Give us a botton we can toggle to prevent chat from reseting to the bottom every time something new is typed. Having to mute everyone just to do so is maddening.
  • Chat Timestamps. In the Chat Log, the command to enable timestamps doesn’t seem to work, so make this an option we toggle somewhere.
  • Delete Confirmation for all Large Placeables. Seriously, deleting a wheel of pain, vault, animal pen, large well, or a temple when you’re trying to pickup a candle is rage-inducing. Such destruction should also be limited to Officers or higher.
  • Followers Management GUI. With the Thrall Limit coming, and bugs like thralls falling inside the map still existing, or simply getting lost in the wild by former clanmates, we will need an ongoing way to keep track of follower counts and remotely break bonds with lost thralls. If it could show them as dots or icons on a separate map and let us mouse-over to view Appearance, Inventory, Level, etc. that would be great. Another nice feature would be if we could use such an interface to recall lost thralls to our base. Make it something that can only be done outside raid hours, and with a cooldown (if need be) so as not to upend PvP server or introduce new forms of griefing on PvE.
  • Hide Crowded Servers. Make it a default to hide over-crowded servers to those who do not yet have a character on them. This would help to spread new players around to other active servers without overloading ones that are already bursting at the seams (#1502, I’m looking at you).
  • Purge Notifications: The horn should still be audible even if the player is AFK and the camera is orbiting them. Also, notice of what will be attacking should remain visible somewhere on the screen or in the Event Log.
  • Search Box Improvements. First off, give console players one. Secondly, when we open the Inventory, place the keyboard cursor there by default. Secondly, if we close and reopen the inventory of a character or workbench, keep our previous search & results there. The search term itself can be selected/highlighted so that the moment we press Delete/Backspace/start typing that it clears the prior results. This is another QoL issue that would also help RSI sufferers.
  • Server join queue. If a server is full, let waiting players enter a queue to join so we aren’t left refreshing he server browser for ages. When we connect, sound a gong or something to wake us up.


  • KO’d Thralls: Let us toss a KO’d NPC over the saddle so that we don’t have to drag them with a rope. This would avoid weird physics/ragdoll problems, and also eliminate glitchiness with dropping a rope after teleporting thru a maproom while dragging a thrall.
  • Look Speed Sensitivity. Just as we have for aiming, we need a separate slider to be able to look around more quickly when mounted. Right now I have to sling my mouse around and pick it up constantly when riding just to do this, which is a whole new way of firing up my RSI.
  • More Inventory Space. Seriously, one of the creatures humans have used throughout history to help carry our burdens and it only has 2 rows of inventory space? Even a tiny little Gazelle can carry more!
  • Not a follower. I don’t want my mount trying to fight, it gets in the way, doesn’t help, and is liable to get killed. What I want is for a pet or thrall to be able to accompany me as well. I’d be perfectly happy if my mount could be summoned in the same way Geralt summons Roach in Witcher 3.


  • Aquatic Threats. As rife with enemies as everywhere else is, why are rivers and lakes so safe? Eels, crocs, pirhanas, gar… there are so many things that could make us afraid to go into the water.
  • Buff Conan. The poor guy looks like a pale imitation of what he should. Make him about a foot taller and get the poor guy some sun so that he’s as bronzed as he is in the opening movie.
  • Caves Ignore Land Claim. Land Claim should not affect resource or NPC spawns inside of caves (e.g. Sinner’s Refuge, Executioner’s Entrance, Silver Mines, etc.)
  • Make the UC Maproom actually work.
  • Shattered Springs: Make the toxic gas there apply damage over time to any structures built within it. In this way, PvPers could still setup a strategic blocks (if they keep them maintained) while those attempting to grief PvE/C servers wouldn’t be able to do would have to do more than login for only minutes a month.
  • World Bosses: Someone wants to build on a world boss’ spawn? Fine, let them. Also let the boss keep spawning, and give it the ability to damage player structures within a 10-foundation radius of its spawn point.

Counterargument :grinning::


I feel as if the devs are Mocking me. I am enraged. There are 2 major updates not in game. Sorcery and settlement system was suppose to be Major updates. I feel cheated. I feel betrayed. I feel like those 2 major updates are not coming to Conan Exiles. I also feel like every post in suggestion is not being looked into. I feel like every suggestion topic is considered junk mail and spam. This topic in General Discussion is the reason why I feel this way. “What would you like to see added to the game?” sounds like a suggestion topic.

Hah, well yeah, ANYONE would look short next to those two! :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously though, Conan is supposed to be over 6-ft tall, and yet my short-statured female is only a shade shorter than him. They need to at least set him to the tallest height available to in-game characters.

EDIT: Didn’t see that you had quoted @Necro, and thought that you were responding to my comment to buff Conan. Yeah Discount Lagertha should definitely be on the same scale as Andre the Giant and Wilt Chamberlain, but Conan should still be taller than he currently is. :slight_smile:


AI for Thralls needs be smarter

More than 1 thrall to follow you… 2 would be good

Able to change appearance … don’t like wearing same hair and clothes… and for the utility thralls

More seductive dancing

Female armpits need be hairless

Horse needs be able jump higher than Woody Harelson (movie “white men can’t jump”)

If I can drag the 3skull spider and 3 skull crocodile to each other … I want see a battle between the two… most EPIC one as I like dragging the spider to Dafari camps

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Ways to beckon/provoke the Purge to a specific base of yours would be good, as has been previously mentioned.

A more complicated addition would be an “anti-purge” Outpost system: when a Purge-like bar fills, add an NPC Outpost somewhere on the appropriate map region in unclaimed land. It would be a lot of effort, but a couple things could make it less outlandish.

  • Could integrate with a Building Contest to lay out the Outpost that appears appropriate to the map region’s tier. I’m not exactly sure how it would work, but I assume you could extract a database snapshot to clone out the building if it was fixed to specific geography, or define a fixed flat foundation footprint and scout out a list of compatible coordinates on the map.
  • Use a Purge inside the building to populate it
  • Send wide-area notifications when the Outpost is established, attacked, or defeated.
  • When an Outpost is attacked, initiate waves of reinforcements like a Purge
  • Initiate an appropriate decay timer when ignored or defeated
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Complete rework of all creatures in the game. Give them better animations, more interesting and diverse attacks. Fighting humans feels good, fighting creatures feels boring and repetative.

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To make Conan Exiles a legendary game they should apply the following:

  • greater challenge, variety, more difficulty in pve, improve story mode, more dangerous life in the world … (not generic, not passive)
  • implement a trading system
  • cities with trade stores based on gold and silver coins
  • add mission system with rewards
  • more life and danger on the map (it is very passive)
  • add items, weapons and unique armor
  • Transmutation of objects, weapons and unique, rare armor …
  • new artisans to tame pets, extract resources, plow the land, merchant, seller, buyer, host, musicians, etc …
  • fishing rod whales, sharks, unique and rare fish …
  • greater difficulty and danger in the pve, the game can not depend on pvp, by eliminating a rival clan, you have nothing more to do …
  • improve the story, it is uninteresting, nobody is interested in fulfilling the story …
  • sell, buy, exchange, auction, stores, etc.
  • movements or patrols of warrior slaves and archers within your base zone
  • give orders to slaves, passive, attack, sleep, patrol, return home, send to a specific place, etc …
  • deploy a small army of slaves
  • New map area, castle, city, towns, new items, magic, magical objects, tame other species, etc.
  • that all animals can be mounted …
  • random missions on the map with rewards …
  • have a profession for your character
  • increase the difficulty and rewards to the dungeons
  • It is more entertaining to make friends and fight against a very hostile and difficult environment.
  • Paint your house, blocks, roof, objects, weapons, etc.
  • change your character’s look
  • create boats, rafts, ports, etc.
  • monsters, creatures or aquatic animals, harpoons, reeds, weapons, nets to catch them …
  • bands of assassins roaming the earth, etc.
  • send carts or merchants to other cities with merchandise …
  • implement more pippi mod administrator tools in the game
  • option to place compass or minimap
  • more life and dangerous surprises on the map, that you never know what you can cross on the road …
  • greater variety of slaves with different abilities (Erii the destroyer and Khisthis x 100,000 in the volcano)
  • implement good ideas of the calamitous mod that greatly extend the game life (more adventure roll pve)
  • learning books for artisan slaves and warriors who raise specific skills.
  • cultivation area, plant trees, plants, flowers, etc …
  • pens with animals with training tamers, etc.
  • warrior and archer trainers, etc.
  • leave structures and objects that other players can use and interact with.
  • accompany NPC to complete missions (eg accompany Conan and other characters to find a black dragon heart, etc.)

Hi, i think this is what i wanna see in game CE in future…

  1. more mounts not only horse ( i like combat on horse ) - camel etc…

  2. in both hands weapons…2x battle axe 1h, swords or mallets ( combined versions ) not only weapons with shields.

  3. better AI in combats and of course thralls AI - sometimes my thrall stays in 1 place and i kill all enemys :frowning: .

  4. if on horse we can take thralls to wheel of pain that where be good too + 2 player on 1 horse.

  5. new enemys but now on horse.

  6. new thralls as musicans - because we have music instruments in game.

  7. if we can assasinate ( with dagger, arrows ) mobs that where be cool.

  8. more costumes ( for roleplayers )

  9. magic… attack with magic ( fireball…etc )

  10. witches - what is in movie or in books, beasts, randomly spawned groups that attacking everyone ( not purge ), caravans and new dungeons ( maybe with puzzles )

  11. slavemarket in game where we can BUY or SELL thralls for gold or in game currency ( T1 - T4 thralls )

  12. more decorations inside and outside building area



You can’t sell thralls yourself, but in Floatsam there is a vendor that sells thralls for gold. You get a random level, which is kind of a pain, but you may get lucky, if you’d rather spend your time farming gold than knocking out thralls.

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  1. Bug fixes, performance improvements (particularly on consoles)
  2. Thrall AI and pathing that works.
  3. UI improvements to crafting (tabs, actual working filters, favorites, or any combo thereof)
  4. A completely new map (which looks like that’s coming)
  5. A level cap increase to 70 with the aforementioned new map


  1. Slots for cosmetic armor/weapons, and the option to select if certain pieces are not shown at all, for players and thralls. If people want to look like a bare-chested barbarian in a loincloth without a helmet, they should be able to and still have the benefits of the armor they’ve made/looted.

Fix the old physics bugs, double the options for character creation, and add equipped weapon slots so that they show on the character when holstered, instead of pulling them out of thin air.

So many great suggestions here. I haven’t had time to read through them all, but I’ll list my personal wants here.

  1. Bug fixes- there are too many old bugs still in the game, and many are reintroduced with new patches.

  2. Building system fixes- the build system could use a little love. Snapping issues, stability problems, lost stability for no reason. If an offset pillar is attached to a foundation or the ground, it should not lose stability. I would also like to see stability changed somewhat. As it is now, you can only snap pieces 4 out from a foundation/pillar. I’d like to see this increased to 5 pieces away. It would really help with covering map rooms and other large placeables, and fix some of the issues I’m having with stability in one of my builds :joy:.

  3. A better filter/sorting system for consoles, including a search bar.

  4. Unlocking all dances for our dancers- with the ability to chose which dance they perform.

  5. More emotes- especially new dances.

  6. Armor display stands! With the ability to one click and swap your armor with the stand.

  7. More dungeons/dungeon revamp. Fix all the old dungeons- make them more challenging- more puzzles/secrets to find in the existing dungeons.

  8. New foundation pieces that mimic the terrain. Pieces that look like grass/rocks/flowers that would blend better with the terrain. You could then have better looking garden areas, perhaps a foundation with a tree that could be placed.

  9. Making the decorative “placeables” in npc camps craftable. Such as the skull torches, bookshelves from razmas quarters, Conan’s bar, ect. If it exists in game, I want to be able to craft it.

  10. More savage decor! We are supposed to be savages! I want more bones, more skulls, more blood! Heads on spikes! A cross to hang my enemies upon! You get the idea.

  11. Sandstorm like events for the other biomes.

  12. More admin options, especially for consoles. An implementation of the pippi mod into the base game would be amazing! We just need more options, so we can tailor our servers to our players. Building a maze is cool and all, but I’d like to be able to fill it with enemies easily. Enemies that would stay put on server reset.

  13. Moderators for official servers. Even if I don’t play official, I can see this is sorely needed for all official servers. Keeping people playing sells more dlc. Too many people quit because of cheating/exploits that could be easily fixed by server moderators.

  14. The ability to drag a thrall on a horse!

  15. The ability to dye weapons/tools/shields/ saddles! I want to customize all my gear!

  16. Adjust the area that the Battle Standard covers- at this point it is too small. You need way too many to cover a decent sized arena.

  17. More building contests!


Same things I always want in this game.

  1. Proper Planting for Farm Plots. With plants that can be harvested once, but also plants that can be harvested multiple times (tomatoes, corn, strawberries, etc)

  2. A decent way to sort our recipes in the Handcrafting. A way to filter via text like the Admin Panel is extremely necessary at this point.

  3. Some cylindrical wind mills that can power some new crafting stations via rotational energy. Make the wheels of pain provide the same energy while they are running.

  4. An update to existing stations where crafting thralls are used. In which we can place armor/clothing and it will apply to the thrall at the station. If no clothing is placed a default outfit is provided, subject to the nudity restrictions of the server/player.

I’d really just love to see these things added and worked on. Something to go beyond what seems to be the primary focus on all the latest updates I’ve seen. Which are all combat focused.

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Conan Exiles
“First I would like to say you are some awesome developers for creating this fantastic game. I have spent soo much time in it, and my ideas are just to make the game i love even better”
Things i would like to see be made

My top 10 most important

  • A whole new/and or extra map. (JUST LEARNED WE GET A NEW MAP) AWESOOOME. THX DEVS. I will gladly give you my money then :smile:
  • A new decay system, like in RUST, with a 10% upkeep cost per day to maintain a base.
    -Players have to be active and not login 1 minutes every 7 days to refresh the counter.
  • Change our level to max 100 instead of 60
    -Maybe have the points in level 60 like we have now, but being able to level up further, even if it it makes no difference to the character,. I just like the idea of still leveling further and believe many others do as well
  • Purges come way too late. The game should recognize, that if a player has a lvl 20 thrall + many more things
    -Then the purge meter will fill a lot faster.
    -Also Purge scaling based on what a player/clan has, rather than location
  • Change the Crafting UI a lot. Make it more customizable and/or more streamlined
    -It is insanely cluttered now, even more so with extra dlc’s
    -So we can choose an item (maybe add folders) and be able to see a list of all the possible things being able to craft with that item, maybe like in (The Forest)
  • Make sandstorms more difficult by making them spawn enemies that are kind of related to our levels/weapons on-hand
  • New Thralls for
    -Animal Pens, Stables, Elevators
  • AlrenStorm wrote this ”I want to be the Hero not my thrall’s sidekick” THIS I really like the thralls, BUT
    -Thralls are TOO OP
    -Pets are TOO WEAK, at least compared to the current thralls
  • Thrall and pet perks
    -Don’t want perks that give negative attributes
    -A better description of their attributes
  • Adding a UI tab to see which thrall and pets I /and or the clan has and how many of them there are

Bring in a reporting system where you can efficiently report bug using players and let them actually have any kind of punishments even if its only for some days. I dont see any reason why a game would want to keep cheaters in it to frustrate hundreds of people.

Outside of the standard updating/clearing out of reported bugs, here are ideas from my end of the pond - which is mainly within the Private Server domain:

  1. Expand Admin tools such as being able to tweak Purge occurrences and spawn locales;
  2. Allow Admins to flag areas as Admin areas that are therefore indestructible to Purge, Decay and PvP (without allowing Official Glitchers to exploit) - and so that Admins can revert to non-Admin to play as a player;
  3. Allow Admins to place spawn points for roving bands of thralls/creatures that will move from point A to B, etc.
  4. Allow Players to be able to Trade Followers, or be able to change Ownership with another non-Clan player;
  5. Add something like a Cold Box that, like the Fireplace, once loaded with Ice, has a small zone of cooling-effect;
  6. As part of point ONE above, perhaps have a DLC or Admin-only placeable buildings, etc that are treated the same way as all game pieces and are immune to Player/Game damage;
  7. Underwater predators!
  8. Added items that have to be forged at craft stations or by unique thralls at the volcano forge, giant castle, Black Keep, Unnamed City, Underwater city (e.g. Unique saddles, weapons, armours, etc.) Make these require key things including Bracelet quest items would also add to the replayability of the extended game.
  9. For PvP Servers: - create or set up some way that allows direct Moderation and Admin by key people (such as Asura’s Chosen). If these were fair and trusted Admins that could quickly judge obvious exploitation, griefing, etc on Official servers, surely that would help cut back on Official Server exploitation, etc.?

Although it’s not exactly a game addition, it would be nice if the Devs would slip in extra, unannounced stuff to the game every Update. Perhaps a new boss creature here and there or something storyline-based. I understand that the Exiles game lifespan may have gone longer than expected, but it would be nice to know that there is always some random easter-egging out there to keep things fresh. I know some stuff gets added already, but randomised things that inspire players to keep wandering the map and visiting places are welcome.


If you do nothing else in the next update, please fix the buggy thrall AI.

I am so frustrated by their inability to use weapons or cease attacking once switched.

Also, the damn truncheon or blunted javelin keeps killing my targets. What the hell is this about? Some sort of critical strike?

Red Sonya is a marvel propriety, Conan is public domain.

Citation needed.