What would you like to see in the next Age? Thievery... AN AGE OF THIEVERY

Actually I liked the movie. It was probably the worst to him because he wasn’t the focus of the movie. Try watching The Villain his first attempt at comedy I was glad Kirk Douglas won. Also you have to look at the source. After all they are promoting the IFC movie Paing which I see causing law suits because it’s clearly about Bob Ross. Paint

Age of Beasts is what i think will happen. They already set the stage with the pet updates and so hopefully they get much needed attention since the majority got nerfed.
I would like to see in this Age
More mount selections
Section dedicated to undead and or corrupted versions of thralls/pets (requires sorcery to do) but converts them to undead counter parts (with lower strength but more immunities and armor) or corrupted (the exact opposite of undead, higher strength but weaker armor/vitality)
Packs.-now that zombies have proven the concept, certain animals can be put together in pack formations of 3 each. The limitation? Cannot be greater versions of the pets and the pack must be the same animal type. Hence you can have 3 normal wolves or one greater wolf…three panthers or one greater panther.

If any follower needs a 3-creature for the first follower slot option like the Resurrected Corpses, its regular animals for sure.

Being able to reskin creatures as Wight versions or even undead versions but with the appropriate resistances and immunities makes sense, as long as they get a preferred food diet along with it, like the Armored Hyena and Abyssal Hounds did. The Wight Horse skin should have had a diet change as well as maybe a creepier sound set (or perhaps some reverb/echo effect added in).

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