What would you like to see on a new DLC map?

Well, they must be doing something right. December 2019 was reported as their third best month since the release of the game (as in, most number of players).

I can tell you what happened on example of my server: people hopped into the game, tested mounts and other parts of the update, had fun. Then discovered archery meta, where melee fighters were fully useles, except if they are using broken Yog’s axe or exploiting mace bug (so full pvp are not built on exploits), while also using exploit with no vertical range for temperature generation items that’s abused to make unraidable bases (again). And finally they saw that lvl20 thralls are so powerful that in almost any encounter side that has better thralls will win, turning conan into Pokemon. And one by one, they left. My server switched from 40 players during raid time to 3.

A free new map would probably see a greater number of players migrating onto it, leaving the old map deserted - and that wouldn’t be good for the game either.

Surely it’s a lot better when half of people won’t be able to try a (possibly) better map and follow their clans there because they don’t have dlc. So there was a total 20 players per server, but after dlc is out 10 will move on the new map - creating two servers, both heavily underpopulated.

Miscreated already tired to sell a new map as a dlc. And players were super hyped for it. Now look at how their servers ended up being already month after it’s release… Same will happen with Conan, mark my words.

We dont even know the form the new “map” will take yet.

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Free weekend, Xmas discounts, People with free time, and buzz about mounts.

This actually doesn’t mean they are doing anything right at all they need to stop this, stop pointing at spikes in the playerbase as a measure of success, the only thing that really matters is >Retention< rate, and investors should pay special attention to that, because the best predictor of good DLC sales beyond making an interesting product is your retention of your core userbase.

Of course. I think they know this.

They already said that the current map is mistake because it generate a lot of the problem like undermesh bases for pvp, bases and constructions noy rendering fast enough, etc. The game was rushed to be released. The new map will fix all those problems(i hope)


-Bans for the glitchers and hackers. Is all that I want.


One thing I thought of that I wouldn’t mind seeing on the new map is some new religions to choose from, either at character creation or learned from NPCs. Not necessarily with god avatars and all that (at least for the time being, considering they’re still disabled anyway), but like with altars, placeables, and outfits.

It’d be a nice opportunity to let players worship some other deities for a change, like Yag-Kosha, Ishtar, Ibis, Bel, or whoever.

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they should start by fixing the map we already have, for starters.
kind of annoying to get knocked down from a 40 miles straight wall, because there was a piece of grass stuck between two bricks, when reaching the ionosphere. its also annoying as hell to see our thrall undermeshing during fights. this could use a fix too BEFORE they release a new map.

as per say, if there was a flood iwould blame the jungle since it rain 23 hours a day in there xD
also please stay out of ark ok? we dont need that lame junk in here

An more living univers
more neutral cities
no maproom teleportation
more pve adventure content (dungeons, why not quests, caves, bosses)
more npc to speak with
lot of background to discover (tablets, journals)
lot of stuff to disover with exploration: reciep, emotes, objets…

A map with a diferent ambiance of exiles landes (with for exemples more civilised no offensive cities)

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My dream is that whatever fancy new tech they’re using to create the new map they can also use to improve the old one to fix the bugs that were old when Atlantis sank. I’m not holding my breath waiting for that to happen, though.

Water biom, large sea creatures, leviatan open boss. Generally more life underwater, something like Dagon dungeon.


What would I like to see on a new DLC map? How about no price tag. Funcom has said many times that the only DLC they’d charge for would be cosmetic. I don’t know why so many people are okay with them going back on their word. Maps aren’t cosmetic. In fact, the line drawn on what is cosmetic and what isn’t seems a little blurry here. For example: I don’t consider armor and weapons cosmetic as they are functional components of the game. Yet reskinning them puts them on the “cosmetic” list and there they are in the paid DLC’s. I consider placeables cosmetic. I would consider clothing with no armor value cosmetic.

And even though it’s overpriced reskins, a lot of people have bought the existing paid DLC and, if Funcom makes more, I’m sure many people would buy it as well. Then there’s the fact that the game still has so many bugs and performance issues. Will a new map be any better? Will the existing map’s performance be improved?

They’ve also said they’d keep better lines of communication going with the community. There have been a lot of posts on this topic with a lot of concern from the players and, unless I’ve missed a post somewhere, all I hear from them is crickets chirping. Once again, going back on their word and, once again, people seem to be okay with that.

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Yeah, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, and I’m still excited.

There might be a new biome or two, but it will likely be mostly reused assets, remember the poll that asked us which biomes we liked? Therein is likely a greater clue as to what to expect.

No offense to those who like it, but I actively hate the sunken city. You cant build there and you need riptide to be casual at all about exploring it. I go once for recipes and never go back. The poll should hav had a complimentary “which biome do you hate the most”.

We need a true swamp or murky bog. Not lush green marshlands but a stinking black gross bog. With some trees that are alive. Some that are dead and rotting.

The rest. I’m cool with.

I want to properly live out my bog witch fantasies which so many other games ignore.

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