Whatever happened to the living world?

Back when the game launched part of the promises for the future was the plot would affect quest givers. The example given was that eventually Sam Kreig might get killed by some monster and no longer be around.

Presumably that thought process died when the 2012 End of Days came back in 2013 but I’m curious if it’s still an idea being kicked around.

Crickets while none of the dev team reply and the only comments are the sycophants telling me that is dumb and bad

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I feel like this is a rhetorical question, but in case that it isn’t completely obvious: Cutbacks happened.

New game, new dev team, new chance to back away from “no missable content”

I think the pre-Tokyo Agartha invasion is still the only missable content isn’t it? Hell even the lootboxes have cycled if I’m understanding correctly

I don’t know what point you’re trying to make, if any. Clearly things have changed in seven years. Does waving around dirty old laundry give you some sort of satisfaction?

It’s been my gimmick since 2012 is that a real question?

It’s dumb and bad. And I prefer the term brown-noser! :smiley:

Really though it would be rad and it’s a shame it never came to pass. We need to find a way to donate shedloads of money to the project. Maybe if we all win the lottery at the same time?

I don’t see how this was ever anything but a ludicrous pipedream, it’s some real Peter Molyneux/Sean Murray stuff. As I’m sure we’re all very aware, the part of a game like this that is most valuable and hardest to produce is content and the plan was apparently to just keep throwing chunks of it away for no good reason?

Maybe if you genuinely believed the game was going to dethrone WoW as the king of MMOs and rake in millions of dollars a month it was a plausible idea but otherwise it’s just madness and I find it hard to believe it was ever a serious suggestion :v:

Look man, when monthly issues were a thing it was believable

So for like…four months

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That idea probably died at launch or thereabouts, because it is not an idea I have ever heard even mentioned during the years I have played.

If the development team (what is left of it) is kicking around any ideas nowadays, they sure aren’t telling us about them.

I don’t doubt it was an idea somebody suggested but how would it even work? Launching with a subscription is probably the single worst decision made involving this game but “you not only have to pay a subscription but we take content away from you on the regular” would have been an absolute blinder :v:

Technically, content locked behind a hypergigamegarare RNG drop is missable, as locking content behind a hypergigamegarare RNG drop all but guarantees you’ll have people in the statistical long tail that will never get the hypergigamegarare drop.

So yes, there’s technically more missable content these days.

For a company that didn’t properly plan on delivering enough new content (cf. underestimating what it’d take to deliver Tokyo), that’s true. In a perfect world, where TSW actually got new content quite regularly, cutting some of the more boring/pointless old missions to reduce content clutter should’ve worked as well as for any other MMO. Possibly even better, because there were some great opportunities for logical progression, such as Red Sargassum spreading and ‘gobbling up’ some old missions while creating new ones.

Meanwhile, in this reality, the Funcom failing at the delivering new stuff, again, thing is probably why people keep bringing up how much content the SWL relaunch cut - even though it isn’t even that much. But with hardly any new content, every little VotSG side mission starts to matter…

Yeah but we’re not talking about side missions - it’s not like most MMOs where nobody is going to lament “collect 24 deer spleens” being replaced with “harvest two dozen elk kidneys”, we’re talking about removing a character and all of their fully voiced cutscenes. Even if the game was making a truly unrealistic amount of money and could afford that, it would be absolute poison to most players.

It must be real world PVP, or a forum game, I think. Or a little like “The Emperer’s New Clothes”, with Bill as the kid shouting “Look at the King, look at the King!” :slight_smile:

At least it stimulates discussion :smile:

When they first discussed the idea of this around launch I was ambivalent about it, as I though it would represent a barrier to entry.

Unless they could somehow instance it to not hold back latecomers to the game.

To take the example of GW2 that actually did it, I still resent that I missed Scarlet’s War and I only get a recap :frowning: To paraphrase what Pilch notes, missing Krieg’s dialogue would be a burn…

Looking at some other MMOs, probably not. Actually new players won’t know what’s gone unless they look it up on the internet in an effort to get upset, which most new players in a game with a reasonable degree of mainstream success don’t actually seem to do.

It’s more like cut content becomes a barrier to progression, because cuts usually aren’t done cleanly and players sooner or later run into stuff that doesn’t quite make sense anymore because it was only really explained in cut content.

As for Sam Krieg, he isn’t really linked to the main story. Even in SWL, where you really do get sent to the lighthouse, his being there isn’t important. His most interesting mission is “Crime and Punishment”, which in case of Krieg’s death could (and should) be adapted to be a mission you go on because you find a dead Krieg’s notes (and maybe some taped recording) in the lighthouse. The same might be done for “Life Imitating Art”, though imo it’s not as important. “A Reasonable Man” is definitely just a “kill stuff” mission that could just as soon be repalced with another “kill stuff” mission.

From a “the world gets darker” pov, Krieg getting overrun would’ve certainly made for an interesting story progression experiment; how well it would have been received is admittedly a different question.

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