What's best purge settings?

Playing around with the idea of having 5,000 bar and 5 for interval. Aiming for a purge a day or least a purge every day and a half.

These okay?

Depends on play style. You can set it to 0 intervals and low number and trigger it when ever (long as a purge can happen at that time)

Or small intervals, and large number so it builds up quickly.

If I remember correctly, and I could be wrong, I believe once you get into the higher levels, the Purge times happen more frequently (like grading on a curve - slower in the beginning, but faster the higher up your level gets). That might be due to earning more experience quicker (because it takes more to level).

So what does that do for Purge settings? Well, you may have to adjust them more than once depending on the level of the character to get the desired effect. (A really low number when starting a game may make purges happen way too fast [at least, faster than desired] when you are at level 60.)

The default values used on the Official servers are 42,000 and a 15-minute interval.

With an interval of 5-minutes, you would be adding your progress to the purge meter 3x as often. With a threshold value of only 5,000 you would need only 1/8th the number of points to fill up the meter.

Combined, you’re looking at a purge meter that could potentially fill up in 1/25th the time it would normally take under the default settings. Given that I’m usually able to get a purge every 2 days by staying logged in continuously, I’d estimate that you could fill the meter in as little as half an hour.

Personally, before getting too invested in a given setting, I’d give those settings a try in single-player first so you can get a better feel for it. To me, that just seems way too frequent to be enjoyable, and I love fighting purges.

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I agree with @Larathiel I played on private server where one purge came right after another U could not keep up with fixing your base. We finally left after using up our stored supplies.

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I went with 9500 and 15

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