Whats going on with official server 1930? multiple server restarts!

we are getting this at 1:45 pm central time. its being the 4 time today!

check logs,. (same happened yesterday)

please help! last time i was aware the server restart lasted more than 4 hours.

edit: checking the logs, i can tell yesterday the server restarted 7 times!

gotta love Gportal XD

i have no idea if this is intended and they are doing something or if i should send a report…

another server restart at 2:45 pm Central time (exactly one hour after the last one)

Have you tried creating a Zendesk ticket with the request type set to “Official Server Performance (downtime, connection issues, etc.)”?

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i did,. 2 days ago, but i have not heard from them, and the issue is really bad,. server is restarting every 60 - 120 min

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Maybe someone in the @Community can suggest what to do?

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Thank you for reaching out to us. We’ll ask the team to check that server.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


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