What's going on?

everytime i try and charge points it comes up failed, i have lots of money in my account?

seems this forum is good for shit

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Not a lot that involves money seems to actually work in game.

If you’re trying to buy points via your steam wallet I’ve heard from way back that has problems. If you’re just doing it in game via the store are you doing it with an external window or just opening it up in game.

You could also try to log into your ‘My Account’ and try to buy them via that route.

i get points off there main site i have 2 year membership and gotten points b4 but last 2 days i keep getting failed error i’ve called my bank and paypal and they have told me my accounts are good. and i’ve use my cards on tons of other stuff and games so why all of a sudden does it fail?


also looked at site and don’t see no discord link?
going to post on steam too


Steam AoC forums get even less use than these do.

Paypal has had problems from time to time in the past.

If I had to make a mental leap, I’d say when they put the game into maintenance mode they just let everything go to hell with no maintenance support at all.

Buying a sub has been a problem for a few years now. You’d think if anything they’d keep the money coming in part working, but it doesn’t seem so.

seems like it works when it whats to now…