What's good about exquisite meat?

we can just get roasted haunch from larger animals rather than carrying a cleaver for getting exquisite meat from smaller animals that gives nothing special.

I think the exquisite meat should have a bonus effect. So cleaver can be more useful

It’s just the tier of meat between Savory and Exotic.

Cooked Feral Meat heals 20 HP.
Cooked Savory Meat heals 40 HP.
Cooked Exquisite Meat heals 60 HP.
Cooked Exotic Meat heals 80 HP.

Exquisite does seem to be the most rare, which is strange. You’d think the best would be more rare.

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Cooked Exquisite meat gives a much better healing effect (3hp/sec) compared to Cooked Savory Meat (2hp) and everything else (including all seafood, 1hp)

This healing effect is pretty unique, as no other food seems to provide 3hp/sec that I’ve found.

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