What's Next for Conan Exiles

I would like to bring a video & some suggestions for the future of the game

if you do not watch the video; it talks about
bringing mods & Mod maps to Console ( I play PC myself but I do care about the community & its wishes )
it also refrences alot to what ARK & RUST does in order to keep healthy & moderate stuff that could be applied to Conan aswell - I have NEVER played RUST or ARK myself. Loyal to Conan I am. But I would love to see some of the implamantations the video is talking about as most of it only sounds healthy for the game.

What’s Next for Conan Exiles? - YouTube

Also with a few of my own words I would like to bring in an idea I & prolly much more players has been thinking or speaking about in the past as this was x2 other players of this forum who actually hinted me the idea

I have previously had loads of discussions with people on these forums mainly focus areas has been;
**Vanilla servers **

which now lead me to a very good solution I would like to see peoples opinions on;
I bring you;

The Improved Admin Panel

  • Allows you to futher advance the game u host (lets say u wanna have a horseless server) thru the admin panel u can disable stables & horse spawnpoint, by checking & Unchecking.
  • Just like un/checking Console movement for PVP mainly Animation cancelling could be an option here aswell (just to brief the idea)
  • same goes for healing - ways to scale the healing gained from Pots or Food if u want it ‘Classic’ or modern healing on ur server ( I could go on with old- Dodge, healing etc ) but I think u got the picture
  • Spawn/despawn mobs lets say u dont want to have humanoids on ur server (i dunno why u would not but many options)
  • Khari bars, Legendaries, Armor Scraps etc increase of decrease scaler.
  • allowing Transmog thru admin panel as the server is hosted I will have to quote on this one;

as I dunno how to quote it from in here as it is from one of my closed threads here is just the outline of it; maybe @CodeMage will help me actually quote the original in here; I will remove ur tags if u wish me not to have it in here :slight_smile: Transmog? Vote simple - Conan Exiles / General Discussion - Funcom Forums Part of the comments in here.

This is by far the best discbribtion I have heard from someone suggesting an “all-round-be-happy-metohd” in terms of transmog

There is so much more that could be added into the Improved admin panel & especially knowing how creative people can be in here.

which leads me to my next suggestion;

Funcom should rehost some of the empty official servers out there tell me if im wrong but I think it has to count for all server variants; PVP, PVE-C & PVE.
the basic settings are fine on most of them, but I do think adding official servers with rates or thrall conversion being faster or slower for that matter. would be a fairly good idea & also to bring more life to lost empty servers + adding the improved admin panel onto it would just create alot more server variaty.

Bring ur thoughts. Lets chat.


Here’s the quote you were looking for:


Thanks alot, would u like me to remove ur tag? :slight_smile:

I would love to see another map but bigger then ios and the exiles lands together and it have boats that we can build and use

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Nah, it’s fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting my video!

I like your suggestions too, definitely more on the functional gameplay side whereas I went to more of the community cohesion & game health side of things. Transmog is also something that would be wonderful for both practical play and my own content. Fashionist is a great mod, but its something that ideally should be in the base game.


Thank you for making the video!! :slight_smile:

I do think we need to spread the words as a community in order to get the ideas on the table.

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My pleasure! As much as I enjoy building and creating character, I do think certain things could be better. I definitely wasn’t the only one frustrated by Funcom’s inaction over the Siptah drought, but it seems they’re pushing hard now. Hopefully this is a concentrated effort over a long period of time, not just a marketing push.

I’m personally hoping they do another AMA soon with a bit more notice, I’ve got some questions I’d love to ask


an AMA would be great yes :slight_smile: but I dont think we are to expect one soon even tho it would be great, but hey, maybe in a while :slight_smile:

For the future of Conan Exiles here’s my wishlist:

  • I would like to see teleportation between maps, rather then server transfer.
  • Increase player cap per server to at least 200, even if it comes at the cost of limiting building and thrall numbers.Phasing/Sharding would be even better to allow for thousands of players to play on the same server.
  • More loops to spend resources and thralls. More systems to involve our thralls.
  • A complete weather system
  • A complete rework of the purge system aimed at creating epic battles similar to Conan Unconquered.
  • A real player based economy like having vendors and items that would incentivize players to actually trade.
  • Ability to dye buildings.

Last, but not least, I would like to see a remastered version of the Exiled Lands map using Unreal Engine 5, even if it’s a different game. If I would quit the game someday, this alone would make me return in full force, only for the sake of nostalgia.

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Hey y’all,

Loving your ideas.
Just as an FYI and a massive tease. We plan to continue with bigger things after Siptah.
Hope you are all ready for some redacted and redacted coming very redacted. Like, seriously, you clicked twice and got baited. Why do you do that!? But yeah, cool stuff coming <3.

Can’t wait!


I love these ideas !! :slight_smile:

limited building would be a hit! in my book, somthing ofc which can be scaled from server to server ofc. If the host want to allow people to build massivly then ofc it should be allowed so. I personally is more into function over apperance when it comes to building. As I am mainly a PVP player but lately I find myself on a PVE-C server but with massive buildings that block spawn points etc D:

which again for my pov is fair enough as I understand some people like to play this way.

and also to combine the maps with a teleporter would be hella awesome! & larger servers indeed! very good ideas! I hope to see more comments like this one :slight_smile:

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hehehe, half ur text blurry xD I take this reply as a joke more or less! & its a good one :smiley:


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Do u play that now :smiley:

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