Whats the reason for ignore?

I dont wont to mention any players or brake rules on forum so i will ask only one and normal question and i hope, someone have answer…


You know who is cheater ? Its not only player what is using external software to get benefits in game. Its everyone who is using bugs, glitch, software, script and other things. And dont tell me you have a problem to BAN someone with proof because every bug or glitch what is on youtube is already fixed so you are probably looking what players posting out. So whats the real problem ?

I am also in this dilemma brother… Awaiting a reply from community managers… and it wont let me send any more messages. This is very disappointing to say the least, from a company I have loved and confided in for years as an advocate, and a customer, I truly hope we can find resolve.

I can’t search for the exact posts right now but FC has been very clear about their desire to keep posts about exploits hidden to keep knowledge of them to a minimum while they’re addressed internally.

If you have a legitimate concern, it should always be sent to Exploit Hunters https://www.conanexiles.com/exploithunters/

Don’t expect to have a dialogue with the devs about it, they will log it and they’ll likely assign priorities to the various reports they have internally and they will continue to chip away at them. Radio silence on the forums is intentional and to be expected.

First of all we Moderators are all Volunteers and do the Moderator “Job” in ouer freetime. Second we dont have any acces to any sort of Tool only the same you have then by the end of the Day we are all Players they loved the Games.

These Tools are for Server offline report


For Exploit to report


for Harresment and Griefing is here a Statement from Funcom

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ExploitHunters is for REPORTING EXPLOITS not for REPORTING EXPLOITERS. If you are working like moderators for money or for free, its not our problem because we everyone payd money for game so we definitely have a right to report someone who is cheating and see him banned, get support from someone who is able to manage ban list and be able to take all proof and suspect cheaters like in every game. Griefing ? Griefing and Cheating is not similar and i am definitely not talking about griefing so i will take this only like a joke. Server reports ? Really ? What have service server reports with that problems ? Another joke ? Please, if you dont have any solution for players what are every day reporting cheaters, say that to us official, stop wasting their time and let them leave game or something

We Moderators are only here for the Forum and not for the Game. We cant do anything like you wish. :frowning:

The List I make was only an explination about the tools they exist and could be used.

Okey, i can accept you are here only for forum, no problem, now i know that. So, if there is not someone who is able to do something with game and there is not any tool currently for reporting players or clans, there is not any way to get normal experience in game without cheaters right ? Okey now you can maybe for everyone explain few things

  1. Why moderators asking for good info about problem with exploiters if they are not able to do something ?

  2. Whats the point to offer Official Servers for players if no one is able to protect players playing here against exploiters or cheaters ?

  3. Why 2 years in this game doesnt exist nothing against cheaters and exploiters when there is full youtube, full servers and full forum of report about players like this when everyone 100% know this is real and its hapening ?

PS: Dont take this topic like i want to blame someone or offend because i just want to talk about this problems. Its hapening every day and as you can see, everyone after this experience is leaving game, giving negative feedback on steam, forum, redit and other websites, same for youtube. On my steam is 650 players, 3 of them are playing Conan, 86 of them LEFT Conan. So maybe its time to start thinking about this

We are not ignoring reports about exploits and bugs being used to break the game, and whenever we get reports about exploits we do our best to investigate so we can fix them.

However we do not have the manpower or resources to have admins/GMs across our 1000+ official servers, but know that we are working on dealing with the in-game exploits to even the playing field.

I understrand you cant get admins for 1000+ off servers, and anyway you dont need them because 900+ servers is empty or pop is not more like 5 players and ofcourse i can understrand, 90% of reports is fake and peoples make them because they are just angry maybe or dont like someone on their server. But there are real players using cheats and you ignore them and there is no point to saying you are not ignoring because Tascha have lot of info about cheating clan in PM, Ignasis same, same is in another 30 hiden topics. Last time when i seen admins solving cheaters and exploiters was couple months ago on server 1312 (i dont wont to mention names or clans), they had access for Admin panel and yes, they were baned. But there is another milion players like this one, long time here and if they are still playing that mean you just ignore them

And nice, good job, post again hidden, this is so typical for you. Okey, i will do it with another way. I think, youtube channel with 498.562 subscribers could be good to warn everyone against this. Thank you for your time