Whats the replay value on this game? I am a bit worried


Will you discover new things each time around or is it a… I completed it once, that is enough because no real other paths of discovery.


I guess for a real replay value we need to wait for expansions. Maybe you can try the game on hard mode with Iron mutant but as nearly every zone has to be cleared in silent - and thereby with the same actions as in your last playthrough - its replay value is not the highest. After finishing the game (two zones left for me) I will play the game in normal mode and try to do as little as possible stealth fights. Open challenge mode. :wink:

The game is worth its bucks anyway but the devs really should give it more replay value. New items, tougher enemies, or just far better weapons, whatever in “new game +”.


The content will be the same each time, but we encourage you to try the game again on a higher difficulty setting :slight_smile:


Hi, thanks for that. I bought it pre-paid so I will give it a go. Mostly tho, I like shorter games around the 20 hour mark… So this game suits me to a tea.
I cant handle games really over that many hours.

Ok doki.


Base invasions!

We need base invasions! And Bradford needs to hit a mind controlled staff member with a fire extinguisher… oh wait thats the wrong game :P.

But base invasions would be awesome! And possibly “hunt” missions where you go into a zone and kill a hard pack of mob.

Both could be random, or something to do once finished.


Well after a cliff hanger with a MIMIR enclave responding I’d think that there is expansions incoming if this one make sales. A road trip to orbit? :wink:


I really hope they have high sale numbers and I really hope we’ll get some expansions.
Currently I’m in doubt. Someone messed up the Steam-key / payment procedures and the high number of critical bugs at release date is horrifying. Anyway there is a lot of love in the game from the devs so fingers crossed!


Yes whit this nice combat system more will come i guess, its more parts in the pen and paper game and then we also have the oter RPG´s to do some whit. USe the system in some way it will be.

And if you lock att the loot, you alredy se alot of special loot, but so far its only ends ut in one pot.


I had only one crash (first started game) and after that some minor bugs, which didnt matter. So yeah, I hope the sales are good and next game will be better. I stick to my opinion, that its good, but not fantastic.


Tts not that mutch replay value, spec if you startend whit the hard level. maybe go on an easyer dificulty and skipp all silent pick one mob at the time. just do a head on asult.


And that’s the big issue with these types of games without procedural generation. The replay value really isn’t there. I can always boot up a new game of XCOM 2 and it will be different from my last game because the elements are always randomized. I was hoping that would be the case here, but no luck. :frowning:


The game has 0 replay value


yes but no, the only replay is to atack more head on (or Another tacktics) and the lore thing, the caracter you have in lead is the one that talk so its variate whit the caracter you pick.


The funny thing is, no XCOM before XCOM 2 used procedurally generated maps. They were all handcrafted. The reason you could still get plenty of play out of them is because they made a lot of them (80 in XCOM:EU, I think).


While that’s true, it’s also why XCOM:EU got stale sooner than XCOM 2 did. I can load up XCOM 2 and have a ton of fun with it again at any time. I can’t say the same for EU or EW because I’ve seen those exact maps and missions too many times to want to do them.


Oddly enough for me, I found XCOM 2 not to be as appealing for replays. I put at least 300 hours into XCOM:EW. Not sure of how much for EU as I played it on a non-steam setup. But for XCOM 2, I only have about 70 hours. I’ll probably eventually pick up the DLC if it gets super cheap.

To me, the XCOM 2 maps were just too bland. They were all unique, but in a generic way that made them all too similar in my opinion (clearly your mileage DOES vary). Part of that was the setting, though. They went to a much more aseptic, mechanical look in 2 overall. I’m sure part of it was though I loved the concept of losing the previous war and having to be the rebels, in practice I just didn’t enjoy it as much.


There’s no real replay value and honestly the ending is rubbish which really put me off playing it again.

This game could have been epic but the atrocious number of bugs and lame ending really took the shine of it, I hope a sequel (if there is one) will fix that up as this might have been my GOTY in different circumstances. I loved the world, the humor, the mix of stealth/XCOM and thought the abilities were pretty interesting but I’d have a hard time recommending any game that hard crashed my XB1 over a dozen times and had heaps of smaller annoying bugs.