What's the sparkles in the game? Anyone?

Hello everyone! It’s my first post on this forum. I would like to ask, if anyone knows what is “sparkles” in the game, because of the destruction that it caused i lost several things in my game! Please if anyone knows, let me know of it!

I do not found that or them… I just saw the description on the event log, that my foundation fence, was destroyed by sparkles. I don’t know what that is and i would like to know! I even search for it on the web, but i didn’t find anything…

Welcome to the forums, too bad it’s because of such event.
Are you PvP, Official server?

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Hello my friend. No i’m in PvE official server #3045.

I tried to upload the image from the event log but i can’t… It says “Sandstone Fence Foundation owned by GRamers was demolished by Sparkles (Sparkles)”. By the way GRamers is the name of my clan… As you can see i lost many materials but not only for that.

I don’t live in the frozen tundra my friend, i know about the meteor showers but i can’t understand what that is… One thing that comes to my mind is, that maybe the borders of my land was too close to my neighbor’s… I don’t think this is the point but i really thought this because i saw some changes.

When an item you own goes into a “decayed” state then the game permits other players to “demolish” the item (ie destroy them.) It is an extra option that only appears when the item is in the last 24 hours after the decay timer has run out before the items will spontaneously despawn ‘naturally’ when the area is next visited.

From what you describe it does look like another player (sparkles, from clan Sparkles) did click on your items and had the option to demolish (destroy) them. This is an intended part of the decay/abandoned/despawn system even on PvE servers.

What you need to look at is why those items might have been in a decayed state … what was their maximum decay time and had you not stood close to them within that window to refresh their decay timer.
Equipping a repair hammer and looking at items is helpful in figuring out the decay timers for your items.


Thank you very much my friend!!! This might be it! I will look at it. Thanks guys for your time and your responses that you have given for my problem! Have fun in whatever you do!!!

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I want some sparkles…I’d settle for shiny.

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