What's this ~ do exactly?

So when you are in game there is this symbol. ~ next to the 1 key. When Press in game a black box window comes up with everyones name and such. I have no idea what this feature is for and how to use it. Is there a guide or knowledge base for this and how to use this?

Otherwise known as the “get me killed in PVP” key when I panic type and hit it accidentally. The tilde of Doom…

“Esc! Esc!!! Dead…”


So like if I wanted to hide my username I could put a command in it?

Console commands in released multiplayer games are typically used for two purposes:

  • Server administrators can use them to control the settings and the behavior of the server.
  • Non-admin players can use a few commands to display extra debugging information, to help diagnose a problem they’re having or simply know how the server is handling its load.

So no, you can’t use console commands to hide your username.


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