Whats up on 07 March with the update

Para qual plataforma ? Todas ?

Nothing as far as I know. But something changed.

Probably not an update, because something would’ve popped up on test live.

Maybe a DLC? :crazy_face:

(Translated: “For which platform? All ?”

No idea. For me it’s PC

All ( part from testlive) server versions are invalid in the lobby as in an update situation,
but Steam does not offer an update, and validate files does not help, and in the forum announcements there is no word of it.

I was online and all other players got the log off warning too, so it was an official shutdown.
(not a crash)


Então, até então os servidores do PS4 estavam do mesmo jeito. Procurei saber se tinha algo em relação as att, mas nada foi encontrado e bem, sobre a questão de server invalidos, apenas seu comentario referente.

Yeah it was the same for me.

Translate: “So until then the PS4 servers were the same. I tried to find out if there was something in relation to att, but nothing was found and well, on the issue of invalid servers, just your referring comment.”

Im sorry, don’t understand what you are trying to say, please talk ENG.

Hello everyone,

We’ve pushed a server-side update to fix an issue we had with server merges. More about server merges resuming will be posted soon.
Currently the servers are being restarted so that the correct settings are picked up.

Servers should be back up soon so thank you for your patience and understanding.


Thanks for the heads up. (Pun intended)

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Thank you. Everything seems fine on the server I’m on.

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Vou lhe resumir… Apenas seu comentário que achei referente sobre oq aconteceu, tanto que nada achava se era atualização ou erro, e qual era o motivo dos servidores estarem inválidos. Entendeu ?

I still have problems joining. all servers that I have marked as favorites are gone from the list and I can not find them anymore, even if I scroll the serverlist down manually.

I’m still having the problem of not being able to join two of my four servers. Servers are invalid and show a ping of 9999.

We are experiencing the same problem. Our server is up and running, but it is listed under “incompatible”. A direct connection attempt is rejected by the server accordingly. Our provider “https://dawn-server.de/” runs the servers via “Multihome”, maybe there is a problem?

The server was updated and we restarted it several times. We as the “client” did not get an update on steam, as expected.

@Dana is there a technical contact from Funcom, where the hoster could reach out?

Hello all, I keep getting servers blocked :frowning: how can i do?

I backed up the database and configurations and reinstalled the server. After that I compared the configuration files and I noticed the following lines in the “ServerSettings.ini”:


Furthermore I noticed that in the “GameTweaksCache.ini” some lines have been added:




Compare your inis with the info above and add them where they are missing. For me it did the trick and our server is listed normally again.

We’ve passed this information over to the rest of the development team for some additional investigation.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we look into it.

Many thanks to Thyris, I copied the “GameTweaksCache.ini” the new entry and entered it on my two servers, which showed as invalid, via Web-FTP, saved it, restarted the server and lo and behold, the servers are back in the list and you can log in.

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When I enter the game, all the official servers are blocked and full of people, they are “invalid”. My friend, on the other hand, sees them all available and those I see, all blocked.

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