What's your favorite thing to do while waiting for Composite Obsidian?

Mine is browsing Twitch, while having my controller to the side so I can eat ice every 1 minute :grinning:

Yep. I gave up on Obsidian and Star Metal, too. Once I get to Hardened Steel, that’s sufficient. I can replenish it without having to constantly travel North for more just to repair.

and can i ask why you are not using repair kit ? because repair kit only cost hardened steel and can repair obsidan and star metal tools, so you need to go only one time to gather obsidian and star metal and after only using hardened steel to repair…

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I knock out the guards near the forge and leave their bodies on the ledge behind the entrance. That’s them taken care of till server reset. I do this at 2 am in the morning so I don’t have to worry about obsidian thieves.

Then i go grind some gold nearby for an hour, then come back for 800 composites.

Because I keep overestimating how much durability is left and they completely break, making the repair kits useless.

I made 600 one night… That was fun.
Almost died of thirst due to falling asleep at the keyboard.
Really not worth it now anyway as only the obsidian hatchet is better than other tools.
Skinning knife too but, shhhh, you don’t need composite for it.
The acheronian tools are better now. Unless they’ve been nerfed too.
I’d make more composite if the forge got purged by voltaries for the duration of the crafting. That’d be fun.

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