What's your most surprisingly useful treasure?

The healing waterskin lets you heal on a horse. I put it on quickbar, mix that with sated and you’ve got a slow heal on the go. Saves me potions/wraps.

Did you find an underrated item to be more useful than you expected?


Before it was nerfed the healing waterskin wasn’t underrated, lol, it was just great. But yeah, since it got toned down not many people seem to use it and you don’t hear it mentioned much, so perfect example of underrated now.

One that I always particularly like is Baal-Pteor’s Razor (legendary 2 handed sword from boss chests) - it weighs zero and adds +5 encumbrance, so it’s perfect as something you can carry for no cost and help out with those over-encumbered moments. Plus it has the added feature that you can add the max reinforcement kit (which multiplies weight by 2.5) for huge durability and no added weight (because 2.5 x 0 is still 0). (Although, tbh I usually still just use a damage kit or master fitting…) I don’t see it get mentioned very often, so I’d say it’s underrated :slight_smile:


What is really underrated all these years is the legendary light pants and boots, the bat boss drops in unnamed city. 2 armor pieces that give you total +14 attribute points. They exist almost from when I started playing this game and back then the best flawless set could not give you more than 9, but all the armor set, not just 2 pieces. Even now in exile lands the best craft able outcome will come to 10.
Another piece and closing is the bearer pack crafted by named armorer in tier 3 bench. It gives you +6 in encumbrance and it can be crafted in both of the maps.



Underwater breathing mask, Yog’s chosen mask and Night stalker’s mask.


With weapons on back, you can ow equip many of them that emit light, and switch to other items and keep light glow.