Wheel of pain establishes landclaim

Online private
PvE - Decay is disabled for this server
No Mods

We have a problem of the inability of the Queen Scorpion to spawn at all. After significant investigation, and a server wipe, along came the Battle Standard with the ability to determine the edges of one’s own landclaim.

Given this functionality, and following the advice of a well known expert on all thing CE (don’t tell @Multigun I said that) we set out to test certain things and came up with the following:

These items will create a land claim:
All Wheels of Pain
Water Well
Large Water Well
Statue of Refreshment
Pool of Refreshment
All Religion Altars
All Fence Foundations
All Pillars

These items will not create a land claim.
Animal pens
Crafting stations
Lights, and other small stuff

Given that we play a no-decay server, we are used to placing maprooms for the public on bare ground and expected the same for a wheel of pain. I was blocking the Queen Scorpion since it is on top of her net. (@blackcross, keep in mind we have determined landclaims are cylindrical with unknown boundaries vertically)

So, on to the ‘potential’ bug…
If a Maproom or an Animal Pen does not create a landclaim, why should All Wheels of Pain, Water Well or a Large Water Well?




Hey @Jim1

Thanks for the observation. We’ll send your feedback to our team so they can look into it.


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