Wheel of Pain Gone

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE (?)
Region: ???

Wheel of Pain and named thrall are just gone. Shrubs and rocks respawned at that location.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Built home Pen, Wheel and more. Placed Shaleback in Pen and two thralls in WoP, one is a named thrall. WoP is built on top of location where rocks and shrubs spawn. These were all harvested before the WoP was built.
  2. Played character until unsatisfied and re-created character.
  3. Playing new character, arrived at original base/home to continue feeding pet and thralls. Pet trained, one thrall complete, one named thrall to go. Reached level 30 all is fine. Connected this morning made my way back home. Still OK. Quit (work stuff).
  4. Connected again. The shrubs and some rocks have respawned and the WoP is gone… along with my named thrall. Did I mention that my named thrall is gone?

The location is G4 at the top of the cliff. The home is placed at the clifftop. The Pen is placed next to the and at the bottom of the slope (a little higher and NE is the small iron deposit). The WoP is placed next to the Pen where there is a cluster of shrubs and rocks.

Before dismantling the original Home, Pen and WoP, I have been using everything while I level up. And I really wanted my NAMED thrall… I built a small cottage home nearby as well.

First i see you play in singleplayer. So question, do you use mods ? still good to mention if yes or no.

Then it may be decay simply.
Did you check before with a repair-hammer how many time was left, then maybe also the event-log may give you some clue what happened to your wheel.

At least, if ever you desire, on singleplayer you can still go back on a previous save, if your loss is to important, and you want start over.

It’s your nutshell, you’re the boos. :wink:

What you have experienced is called decay and is a mechanic for automatic cleaning the game map from unused structures. If a player stops being active for some time or deletes his character, his building, he/she doesn’t visit anymore, will start to decay. If a structure has reached the status “decayed” it is enabled to be demolished by any player. If after some time nobody demolish it and the owner doesn’t reappear, the game will auto demolish it. The time it takes for this process depends on how large the structure is and of what parts (buildings/placeables) it consist.

Since you have deleted your old character, the owner was gone since that time and the countdown runs. You can check the time left, like any player, on the building with a repairhammer.

yeah, experienced something similar on Single Player when recreating, but it’s not a bug, it’s a feature

You can turn off decay if wishes, no problem doing that in SP.

No mods.

Well, nothing else has decayed, disappeared. Yes all parts of original are identified as “Decayed/Decaying”. So what you’re saying is the WoP has a shorter, if not the shortest decay period?!

I can go back to a previous save? How in the world do I do that?

If you put it in the wild, without foundations under it, or not linked to any building nearby, yes.

They will decay quickly, depending your decay-settings.

since SP works pretty much as offline server you can’t “go back” save or load game in regular manner unless you manually backup db files, then you’d have sort of workaround edit: typo

You can do that, simple go to your save folder, and rename any old backups to game.db.
It’s quickly done.

Or you can use a save-manager like i do. So you can have several games on the run. Great for testing.

OK, thanks everyone for your help.

Yes the Pen and WoP are disconnected from the base (“in the wild”). I was able to load an earlier save and found the WoP decay time was 0.

I can’t take ownership and can’t remove any thrall. So Senk the Pillowdancer escaped the WoP. She’ll have quite a story to tell.

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She lives happily in New Sanctuary, dancing for money in my inn.

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