Wheel of Pain -- No thrall pushing the wheel unless it's in use

The thought came to me today about this.

Shouldn’t the wheel of pain, whatever variant, be empty if there is no thrall in it and it’s not working?

This way, you see the thralls being broken when it is in use, and it’s a good visual indicator of when the thrall has been broken, because it stops working.

I suppose the larger Wheels could maybe have a thrall showing for each one you are breaking, with the other slots showing as empty.

It’d make for a bit of realism and I think it’d be a nice QoL addition.


yes please… also make the thrall within be the one being broken… it is possible as a mod has already done this, but it would be nice as a default.


Yeah, it would be nice to see your thralls being broken, not a generic representation.


I agree. When I started, I actually thought it would work like this. So when I put down the first one, I was dismayed by the guy that suddenly appeared from somewhere to turn the rock. I was further numbed that they wore clothes. :joy:


Fully supported suggestion.

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also it would be nice if the thrall you put in will show on the wheel… (hairstyle matching and clothes and all)


that’s exactly what I said earlier… and I still support the idea lol

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There are mods for that, but obviously that’s not always an option (they aren’t for me).

Yeah, mods are pointless for the Console players.


I fully support this feature! I get confused when I see our wheel of pain being pushed along yet nobody is in there. Given that there are several of us playing I never know if the wheel has someone in it unless I check it which can be kind of annoying.

It would be nice to see a thrall standing there as well and not pushing the wheel if it has run out of food as well that way we would know something is up. If the thrall(s) are tamed then the wheel stops and they stand there waiting for us or if the food source runs out the they stop pushing. Either way it would be an indicator that we need to investigate what’s going on instead of guessing.



I’d wager that breaking one’s will is faster when you don’t feed them at the same time, but I do would like them to stand next to the wheel after the work is finished. Maybe add an option to involve some rotten meat instead and go full pro that way; to force them consume something otherwise inedible in small enough doses.

Absolutely. I like features that give out precious details in forms of fluid vividity. Hidden hints in plain sight, trees amongst the forest, pick and investigate - et cetera. Even censorship done this way provides something interesting to look at (instead of those odd out of place felt floating stars or candy canes, that is).

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The wheel of pain breaking thralls is one of the core elements in conan exiles and really deserves more love in implementing the details described here.



It’s not in the base game but there is a mod for that : WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain
Just pay attention to load order and it works fine.

Hope this helps,


this possibility was already mentioned, but helps not for console players

Already stated above. Mods are useless for console players.

Honestly wish Funcom would look into some of the really well done and popular mods, that fit in with the gameplay. And work to add a version of that directly into the game files. So they are available to all of us.

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