Whell of chair and taskmaster

Game mode: [Online] Official server #2019 PvE Conflict
Problem: Bug]
Region: [EU]

Dear team,
Every wheel of chair worked as intended without any issue until now.
Yesterday I placed a new wheel of chair and placed a taskmaster in it … but the taskmaster isn’t sitting there and he isn’t showed in the wheel of char, that he is assigned. The timers aren’t going up from the fuel.
Funny thing, you can change the taskmaster in it ,… but it isn’t appearing and nothing is changing. Well I don’t loose the taskmaster after the swap, but the wheel of chair isn’t getting his thrall. :frowning:
Kind regards,

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
Didn’t try to place a new wheel of chair yet

Ok, problem is not only with wheel of chair ,… could be anything where a thrall is crafting

after swapping and opening it very often, the Thrall is visible in the wheel of pain etc…