When a thrall or pet is following a player, make it attackable/able to attack

Firstly, i love that pet’s and thralls are not killable outside raid hours. It stops players from killing all of your hard captured thralls in the dead of night while you’re sleeping. The effort involved with killing them was far less than all the time and effort to capture and outfit them.

Secondly, I hate that thralls and pets arent killable outside raid hours as it means they cant be used in PVP. While I can hold my own in a fight, far more often than not you’ll be attacked 2v1 or greater and having a pet or thrall with you can seriously even those odds or at least introduces extra options. My preference is taking a greater sabertooth with me but humanoid thralls can be fun also.

Having their state change to be attackable/able to attack when following could be a great middle ground solution.


I would prefer to set up the behavior of my thralls and pets from defensive to passive. The rest should come with commands like „attack“, „stand back“, „retreat“… and so on. This would be a meaningful changing to this system.


I would like an option to let thralls attack and be killed outside the raid hours, I dont want anyone in my backyard.


This is probably one of the reasons, in some cases, why some numbers of abandoned thralls and pets linger so long. If we can’t attack them and they can’t attack us, the only way to cleanse the spot is to wait for the opportunity given by the raid window.

Did I understand this correctly or are there other ways to get things done?

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Easy fix allow them to follow you once doing so it will count as PvP raid hours once you die they simple go invincible and walk home after your death and a icon on the map is visible to you so you can track them down. Another addition to this subject make the thralls NOT lootable as I constantly see others taking my armor off my thralls and walking home with it as if I was giving out candy! I mean seriously. The fact they can remove stuff off my body as well it I logged off is ridiculous only killing me or clan members should be able to just take stuff off my body same goes for thralls. They aren’t your thralls so why can they remove my thralls stuff!?!

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