When are patches, bug fixes or even just some communication going to happen?

Game mode: [Onlin]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [oceanic playing on NA server]

I’ve recently been asked to help some friends on a US server because they’re at war with people who undermesh and block off obelisks/resources (something I shouldn’t have to do given the number of reports they’ve sent in about cheating) and what do I find when I get online

  1. The game again hasn’t been updated for months
  2. The bugs being reported here aren’t receiving any replies
  3. No action has been taken against cheaters that were reported months ago, let along the ones reported weeks ago
  4. There is still no information about what is and isn’t being worked on to fix the problems that people have been reporting since I stopped playing months ago

I can’t even help deal with the cheaters because the game is in such a state that I can’t connect to servers these days, I spent nearly 4 hours trying to connect to a server yesterday only to be locked from the server before it even finished loading, the few times I was able to connect booted me within minutes leaving me unable to actually do anything, and when I come to check the forums to report the issue there are dozens of posts about the same issue that have just been ignored

I’ve given funcom a lot of slack in the past because I know it’s not easy to fix games and keep everyone happy, but this is beyond a joke now, if you don’t want to fix the game for consoles stop selling it and stop asking people to buy DLC.

There is no good reason for the game to be in the state it is now unless you just don’t care

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Amen to this. When is the PC patch coming to PS4?


I’m afraid it seems to be true, consoles are left to rot, they say it’s being addressed, but actions speak louder than words, and the total lack of action speaks volumes, they don’t care, give up console player’s, this game is going nowhere


Sorry but that is how I feel, I was passionate about this game, and now I am so disappointed

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As much I want a patch they need to be sure it is not going to break the game we don’t want it worse.


@sestus2009 I agree, but it’s at the stage where it couldn’t get any worse


Honestly my wife and I play on private and official server’s and have few problems floating over stairs occasionally wacking on trees and not getting anything. They are not built up server’s and pvp witch could have something to do with it.

Hello everyone,

We are aware of the issues you’re all facing while attempting to play on consoles. Our team is indeed working on solving them.

We are getting to the 1-year mark of working from home due to the pandemic. That hasn’t been easy for anyone in the entire world.

We managed to release several bug fixes and updates to TestLive/PC. However, for consoles that’s a different story. Consoles require additional steps for every procedure, even PS4 and Xbox have their own particularities. So, we are not leaving the console community to “rot”. We just need more time to get everything in order.

The update to bring consoles up to speed will happen soon and until then we can only ask for your patience.


Unfortunately we have been getting the same sort of responses for well over 2 years

You have wonderful members of the community like @sestus2009 who is always active on the forums and you could easily spend an hour of time talking to the Dev team and put up a post of known bugs and what the status of those bugs is, then the members of the forums would be able to share that information for you, instead there is no response, no public roadmap, all we hear is “we’re working on it” or “new DLC coming soon”

People are always more lenient when they know problems are being fixed, but instead the radio silence makes it look like you don’t care, especially when it comes to bugs that mean players literally can’t play the game that so many have come to love.

I can understand not wanting to talk about features that the team might be working on that haven’t been implemented into the game, i can understand not wanting to give a setting for patch releases when they’ve been delayed before, but at least tell the community what fixes you’re working on, we don’t need every little detail, but something that says what bug it is and whether it has been worked on would be the bare minimum you could do

All it would need to be is a bullet point such as

-Login issue causing disconnection from server- problem fixed on internal build
-issue with weapon crafting -problem identified and working on a fix

Would that not make the community much happier and easier to manage? It would also mean that people could check to make sure the issue they want to report is being worked on and cut down how many repeat posts are on the forum, which would make it easier for you to respond to


Well put. That would help alleviate stress for everyone. Many people are still stuck at home and this game is a way to keep up with friends and loved ones along being a way to vent some pentup anger. Some sort of weekly report if just to say things are in progress.


I agree with some here.

Ill reported players 1.5-2 months ago at Ignasis, than i got told to send it to Zendesk.
So i did send it to Zendesk.
Than Ignasis responded through Zendesk lol.

Than like 1 week ago i responded to the same message that Ignasis did send me through it, and got as a answer from Hugo that they are busy and recently changed to a new system called Zendesk. Asking me to send the report to Zendesk.

Honestly, all the problems people are calling are not the problems that im facing with conan on the ps4.
Besides undermeshers.

Im just curious, what does Funcom expect? People get wiped after weeks of playing on a server by people that cheat without getting banned.

How hard is it to find volunteers that are willing to sign papers to not abuse powers, putting a X amount of time into the game to ban undermeshers? Providing a feedback with screenshots/video as backup if people claim a volunteer did abuse their power.

Honestly alot of big games with cheaters that dont have a anti cheat system, are using volunteers to take care about cheaters.
Im not saying this would fix it 100%, but im 100% sure that it would fix a big amount of those situations.

Also, finding those people is not that hard, tons of people have their own private servers wich shows there are people out there that loves to moderate them.


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First off, Thank you for the response. I know you guys are trying.

Having said that though, every console player is intimately aware of the extra steps involved in getting patches (and games) live on their consoles. We hear it all the time. At this point for us it rings very hollow and sounds like a pat answer to placate as opposed to a real issue. Also, with other companies, in spite of the extra hoops, the patches generally come out within days of each other. In the rare event that they don’t, the patches are held until such time that they may be released in a timely manner with each other.

For me, the communication is the biggest issue. I think it was last summer when I recall Conan being updated almost daily when I turned on my ps4 but on the game’s home page, the last patch listed is patch 41 (?) in May. I come here looking for news and I find assurances that a parity patch is being worked on but no other information.

From what I have read it appears that Funcom is working on a complete parity patch (almost upgrade at this point). I don’t think that is the wisest of decisions. I would suggest breaking it down into much smaller and more manageable parts. That way, Funcom would have something to report and get both the community and themselves hyped up about. Also, that more than anything else, would show us that Funcom is indeed working on patches for us. I for one would be very happy with this.

All in all, I love this game and I hope my criticisms are taken with that in mind.


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