When are we getting a major update?

Are we getting a map update any time soon? I hear rumors but I don’t know if its true.

Thanks guys

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Hey Xetal, as far as i know we don’t have anything official about upcoming content. But there are a lot of rumors about the new map. Maybe they mentioned it somewhere, but i can’t assure that.

By the way, this question might be better suited for the general discussion, testilive seems to be about bugs and discussions about features that are being tested on the public test server

Have a nice day mate

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Yes they have mentioned it. So it’s not a rumor anymore. DLC map.

And it will most likely happen this year.


Thats good news, thanks for the heads up :smiley:

When they fix the rest of the game from the other updates

Keep on dreaming. Im pretty sure there will be map updates before they fixed the rest. Since it always comes new bugs after a bug fix, and been doing that for 3 years.

If you see new map as a map update im pretty sure it will be next major update. And probably some weapon nerfs that will make the game less fun, but there is some balancing updates that is needed. Hope they can balance stuff the right way for once.

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