When are we going to get it back

The title is pretty self explanatory. You took out transfer a while ago from the official servers. We need it back FC. Or please at least tell us when (if) you’re gonna bring it back!

I think issue how do u balance it, real question why do you want it.

It will be the nail in the coffin if they add it back.

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Definitely don’t need it.


They should remove the item transfering, only acc so you can transfer with your level, that’s my only problem why we dont have transfer

LMAO! Not that it matters to me. Ive got characters on all PvE servers now.

Because for us that have both maps :
A) does add up value to our purchase(since u cannot get recipes there r in ios at el),
And B) gives an extra reason to be active in ios also

I am just maintaining my base at ios atm… There is no point to be there for me, except the unique looking thralls u can get there, and the vault content . Everything else can be found in EL with way less rng .

U speaking for which game mode?

That should be done in pvp and pve - c modes. There is no harm for that in pve .

Also one main issue is that any clan that has ios can hop in , raid whatever and then vanish into a random server to avoid revenge, or simply be out of reach for the ones with no ios dlc…

These however r issues that our pvp communitty seen and warned for BEFORE the start of the transfers. .
So maybe they should try to be proffessionals , and set a different series of rules for each mode (as it should be from the beggining)

Now they r punishing the whole playerbase for some exploiters about stuff they have been warned for…

Solution would be to lock all transfers (both character and items ) in pvp, do not block characters but block all weapons/gear and allow only statues/cosmetic stuff/recipes on pve-c and leave full transfer (characters, recipes items etc) in pve

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