When can these two errors be fixed? ??

I have been playing since early access and have never seen the first error. The second error I do agree is super annoying.

Other versions don’t seem to have this problem :sweat_smile:

Only my version has problems

It’s been a long time

I see the first problem every time I create a character.

The first problem is a camera misalignment, I’m not sure what could be causing that.
are you using mods? because I don’t think there is a drinking animation in the base game, maybe a mod is affecting the camera alignment.

The neck seam is a graphics problem, it gets smoothed out after the game fully loads on my system,
and I’m running a 10 year old AMD radeon.

What Vcard are you using, and what settings?

in the gaming section of your video card Control Center
Make sure Morphological filtering is turned on for Direct3D

Hey there,

We’re aware of both issues and it’s on our team´s to-do list.
Thanks for the feedback.


Win7 64
I7 4790X
So do I delete all mods. Last year, this problem existed

Thank you for your reply

The European version doesn’t have this problem

But I’m not European

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