When Can We Expect the Next News (Newsletter) Update?

As asked in the title, “When can we expect the next news (newsletter) update?”

lol. no comment… XD

@Shadoza is correct on the newsletter statement, see

Same page tells you about when to expect the next update :wink:

its an elegant way to say there will be no more community letters…

the promises of keeping the communication open , time will tell if it holds true or not.

trello boards only manages to track bugs. its useful yes!, but it does not handle (for instance) new things,or what is the direction the dev team is taking with the game, that was usually present with the community letters. its sad, i kinda enjoyed it.


Huh, must’ve missed that. Sad, I liked the newsletters. But I suppose it was inevitable, really. The trello board is fine for what it is, but it’s certainly no replacement.


Ya I’ll miss the newsletters but they were often times, just a repeat of information we already had. The news and announcements that Tascha and Jen’s were writing up in December (and I assume will continue to do so), along with the trello board should cover a lot.

Now you all know why there’s not going to be any more newsletters right?

Because Funcom is on its way out the door.

They realize that they’ve made all the money they’re going to with this crap show and it’s time to cut and run with the loot.

You’ll see official servers closed down by the end of the year. Bet on it.


In all honesty with there games coming out if done right they will continue to grow there not going anywhere

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