When claiming an official service

I have not been on an official server in sometime because apparently everybody feels the need to build with foundations? they most expensive building material in the game😅 and they layout what they think they are going to build and they never achieved the goal, we just end up with an official server and a bunch of Foundations all over the place it is really sad not only do they cost the most to make these lag the s*** out of your base. But if you are looking for a server that is not like this you can come join AGE OF THE SUPREME DEITIES OR ISLSE OF SUPEME DEITIES trolls are not tolerated and will be banned and then land claiming is definitely not tolerated BUT take some time to figure out the building before you try building a massive base thank you

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You might want to. Move this to server’s and recruitment


I would like to givei it a try, is it pve-c? no mods, vanilla configs?

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