When do consoles get update 2.1 with new stuff?

When do we get stuff like alchemy bench, dyeing vat, tanner’s table, tinker’s table and casting bench?

If they don’t work, meh. I never expect anything so I’m never disappointed. :wink:
But new stuff is always cool.


This or last week they sent a patch to Sony and Microsoft but those often take 2 weeks or so but last I checked they won’t give a exact date Incase something goes wrong I do know that they are working on that patch and will get it to us as soon as possible but they have to make the game more stable otherwise it might not work at all including you cannot even access the game but soonest I would say 2 weeks longest unknown I’m on Xbox and do not suffer from oom leak so I’m with you on I want it but I’m patient and can wait

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Where do you have that info from?

This post says they’re only focusing on pc until Siptah is ready.

And this post says “soon”. So no idea what is true :see_no_evil:

The wait… thanks for the replies!

Careful what you wish for. We have it on PC and I’m not a fan. The only thing that is even remotely an “improvement” was being able to craft any armor with any named thrall however it kind of kills the excitement/novelty of hunting certain named thralls.

The Xbox letter said they submitted another patch but I don’t have what patch they submitted or what’s in it most likely performance and stability improved but when it all comes don’t know as they said no exact date but with all the changes goin on in siptah I say let them mass edit it then give it to us to save internet use :joy: but it’s all over the place in terms of replies and I can’t pin point every one ( I’m confused myself too) but I’d rather it be better than sooner

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What’s the Xbox letter?

Oh found it myself. That update is only regarding the Xbox crashes.

An answer in that thread also says that all the new stuff will come when it is feature and stability complete. So about the same as in the first reply I posted here.

Is golden.

I suspect the “one platform” referred to here is XBOX.

Full release was supposed to be all platforms, and I don’t expect anything will ship until the squirly issues they’ve been having are sorted.

We already know the one platform they are working on Siptah and all the other updates on is PC. The others will come when full launch status is reached on that one platform.

Why is this dude still around?

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