When does the server/map transfer come?

I think a lot of players are particularly interested in one question right now? When does the server/map transfer come?

Please say something about it, otherwise we’ll feel kind of ripped off.

you can’t control your impatience and then call it a rip-off? I probably don’t need to understand it…

I know that many of the players (inculding me) on my servers certainly look forward to if/when Funcom can add the enhancement of cross-map migration. Although it was never part of the core game, it would be great if it can be made feasible - and even better if it were a two-way journey.

I can only imagine the difficulties though. How to handle large Clans where some move to Siptah whilst the others are still in the Exiled Lands. How also to consolidate inventories fairly. I mean, if I am beavering away in the Exiled lands gathering and making stuff, whilst the rest of the clan have shipwrecked themselves on Siptah? If clan inventories are all pooled, how would they get Siptah eldarium and experience? Conversely, what happens when Siptah members pool all their stuff, including all the lovely totems and unique materials, but I, on Exiled Lands, cannot?

Where I’m going on this is that making cross region transfers are very complicated, especially for huge, feature-rich games like Conan Exiles. I imagine that before any transfer can be done correctly, all manner of balancing and consolidations of materials, recipes, creatures, npcs, pets, items, etc. have to be done (and this is just on the PC-based game - all the other platforms have to be brought on board too). Some patience is required.

All I do know is that, though it does take enormous amounts of time to create, test, fix, retest, etc. content , Funcom have always stuck as far as feasible and reasonable, to their plans. Sometimes some things have to change and sometimes stuff slips through or causes a glitch, but on the whole, the majority of the game, dlcs, mods (all modders are awesome) all work well - I wish my car was as reliable.

ps: there is also a little ol’ pandemic -ing up things so I generally cut slack where possible.

pps: if you want to get your monies worth of any game, play as many hours as possible - simple math means my cost/time/value has been something like 0.0001 pence so well ahead.

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